Friday, April 18, 2014


A post from Monday I never posted! But thought I would share my thoughts anyways. 

I am beginning to feel that the reason I am not blogging so frequently is because I am not completely satisfied with the way my blogger looks - nor am I quite sure of which direction I want this blog to take.
I don't even know if people are reading my blog! Is it any different from any other millions of blogs that are out there?? No, probably not. 
I don't want to close it down because it is also my escape from the daily real world. 
But I think I gotta stop with all the editorials and take a little more time into each of my posts - quality over quantity, right? I always thought that I had to post at least 5 times a day to pique the interest of my readers - but that isn't the case, my numbers don't go up or down whether I post 50 times a month, or 5 times a month. 
So I think I need to think long and hard about the direction in which I want my blog to go. If I am going to keep using blogger as my platform or try something new, I just don't know. I also think that I haven't been on here that often because my life is work and school - and when I am not focused on either of those things I am doing a million others, all while trying to keep cool and my head intacted. I want to go the fashion route? The cooking route? The nutrition route? I am not sure what it is that I myself desire as for the outcome of this blog.
But I will try my very best to make better quality posts and keep everyone updated as to what is going on. 

So that is all for now, Happy Monday...
As happy as it can be with a massive headache and super grouchy persona today...
At least it's raining.


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