Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Well!! We got our new caaaar! :) We picked it up last night and it was an exciting time - of course it was raining, but I loved it. ;) 
I thought nothing could rain on my parade at this point - except a hideously crappy mark from my school. :( I have been getting nothing but 90s on my tests and everything and than one assignment really just threw me for a loop, I am too ashamed to even post what the mark was! It was just, that bad. I shudder at the thought. 
But I have to move on...and just try harder, which is my plan. 
A few things in this post today - other than some editorials throughout the day. 

I Quit Sugar is out today by Sarah Wilson! Definitely want to get my hands on this book - AND, Candice Kumai's new book is coming out in 2 weeks!! WOOHOO!!! I am beyond excited for that one. :) 

Above is our new caaaaar! It's really nice - a dreamboat...I must admit. It's definitely a lot different than driving around that huge truck - but we will get used to it. This is through and through a luxury car. Couldn't be happier with our purchase...and the savings on gas?? Wow, well I think a brand new Marc Jacobs purse is in my future. ;) :P 

Moo and Lou'e, whisperin about. I love this picture, it looks like Maggie is having quite the giggle here, and it's great to see her happy in general. This Friday will mark her 6 months coming into our little family - she is a completely different girl than when we first got her. She is fitting right in, and I honestly couldn't be happier with my two babes. 

I just wanted to add this in...I began reading the Women of Duck Commander - and so far it's alright...it's a lot of 'praising' one another. I am nearing the middle of the book so I am hoping that they delve into their own individual stories a little bit more instead of the constant "Oh Miss Kay is sooo great, Phil is soooo great, Phil is a Godly man....." blablabla...other than that though, it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Blanket. Some chocolate. A great latte and this book. ;) 
Good thing I got it when I did because it looks like it is sold out on Amazon and there is quite the back order! Either way, I love watching Duck Dynasty...it makes me laugh and I love how close knit these people are...people can make fun of me for watching this, but it's just the same as them watching the Kardashians...except these people have values and aren't full of themselves. :) 

Anyways! That is all for now!
On another book note, I am reading the Clockwork series by Cassandra Clare - I really enjoyed the first book but honestly find the second one lacking any substance. The story line is all over the place and often I find myself wondering what in the heck is going on. But I will finish the book and move onto the third one and hope for better things.
Off I go to a) plan road trips with our new car (lol!) and b) check out Amazon because I hear there are a lot of new books on their way out!! :) 


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