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 My 3-Day (okay, 3-1/2) Detox

I did it!!! I didn't want to but I did it! Lol. I embarked on what some may call a 'metaphysical' journey...hmm...I wonder why people would call a detox that...I must admit though, that it definitely was an eye opener for me. I am not sure what exactly compelled me to try this detox but I went for the gusto anyways. To be quite honest, it started with a smoothie in the morning and than afterwards I decided that I would have a smoothie for lunch - the cafeteria where I work is slowly closing up shop because students are leaving so there really isn't anything healthy here to consume. 
Anyways - let me recount to you my three days...what you could possibly expect from and maybe do differently, lol.

Day 1.
I am going to kill someone. 
I think that I am thinking about the fact that I am not eating WAY too much and it's as if my mind is playing these games with my body just to piss me off. You know what I'm talking about - don't think about a pink elephant!!! And all you can think about is that gawddamn pink elephant. Or when you go on a 'diet' and tell yourself, you can't have chocolate!!! Well I am going to eat a brick of it!!! It's the same thing here....smoothies?? For all three meals? No snacks?? What?? I NEED TO CHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went through every excuse in the book as I sat, staring at the wall at work, fantasizing about pasta, pizza, sandwiches...seriously...anything. 
Actually, one thing I wholeheartedly craved - and this is really random for me (I think it's all the healthy eating I've been doing) was a toasted multigrain piece of bread with mashed avocado, sliced tomatoes, sliced green onions, salt and black pepper.
Actually...I want my belly...right now.
I seriously was going to lose my mind though. I was tired, irritable, hungry and just pissed off at pretty much everyone I encountered.
But I persevered. 
And I made it onto...

Day 2.
I woke up alright...sleepy...but not bad...I told myself I was playing this day by ear. No joke. I didn't think I was going to make it through the day on just smoothies. But I figured I would just try day 2 because I already have smoothies for breakfast daily - and decided to whip one up for lunch anyway. 
I wasn't as crazy as the day before - I was, however, really hungry by the time it was 10:30am so I put together a chia seed drink. Just threw a tablespoon and a half of chia seeds into water, waiting for them to form their jelly coating and than chugged that down. It helped...I was satisfied enough until lunch.
I didn't mind so much having a smoothie for dinner - and what helped as well is that my boyfriend was on board as well, he was having smoothies right along with me. So I didn't have to sit and torture myself, inhaling that delicious cheesy pizza smell that he makes some nights. 
I was saved....and I made it threw the day without chewing my arm off, or someone's head off. 

Day 3. 
Woke up feeling pretty darn great! 
I can't describe it...but it's a 'clear' feeling. So this is what many people are talking about when they say that while you detox, you feel great! 
I must confess though, I am a PEEING MACHINE. I seriously cannot stop taking bathroom breaks. I am in there about every 45 minutes. 
This gets to be very annoying - but I guess it's good for you too?? resolve had strengthened at this point. I was going to do 3 days! So I continued my detox, had my smoothie for dinner and made it onto day 4.
Day 4 isn't really a detox day, I am going to ease into eating I brought some snacks with me and plan on making a deliciously healthy dinner. I did have my smoothie in the morning and at lunch. 

Some observations...
Even though I really felt like screaming at every single person on Monday, I think that is the most difficult day to surpass. I believe that our brains really fight with us to try and get as much
pleasure as it possibly can from anything and everything - if we 'deny' it something, than it goes into overdrive into convincing you how stupid this new idea you have come up with is. 
I think it has something to do with two parts of the brain - the part that reacts to pleasure and the other part that is your sensible angel on your shoulder. 
If you can get past day're golden. 
Unless someone shoves a poutine in your face...then you are screwed.
I peed a lot - I covered that already - I guess your digestion system is really thanking you for giving it a break, it doesn't have to break down the (horrible for some people) food that we eat on a day to day basis. I personally think it's a good idea to detox for at least one day, once a month. You need to give your body a rest sometimes. Everybody needs a rest sometimes. 
I slept like a baby. I really did. Usually I wake up a million times throughout the night but I didn't do that once. I woke up when my alarm screamed at me, and that's basically it. 
More energy? I can't really say too much about this one, the past month or so I have been having issues with my energy levels which I have to see my doctor about. I know that on day 1 I had NO energy and literally could melt into anything I sat/laid on. But by day 3 I wasn't filled with aches and pains the morning after like I usually did. Many people experience a surge of energy while on their detox. I didn't experience a surge - but I definitely got something out of it.
You might be asking what sort of smoothies I drank and what blender I used. 
I used a Nutribullet - I bought this a few months ago and have been quite happy with it. 
Unfortunately I am running into some issues here and there. It's not clipping in properly lately, it leaks when I use the large cup and I wish I had something bigger for when I make more than 1 or 2 smoothies. Alas, I gotta work with what I've got. I am not saying I am unhappy with it, but what 
you get is what you pay for.
The smoothies that I drink usually look like this:

kale or spinach
cucumber (with the skin on)
celery (leafy bits too)
pineapple (just a couple small frozen pieces)
or green apple
filtered water

I will also add half a teaspoon of Spirulina (algae in powder form), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane - for join pain - I have osteopenia but it's supposed to help with hair/skin/nails), Jarosil (again for my hair/skin/nails) and either chia, flax, pepita's, hemp or sunflower seeds. I choose two and use about a tablespoon of each.
The reason why I don't use much fruit is a) I am not a sweet tooth kinda person and b) I do not want my blood sugar levels to spike, I don't want to crash too quickly after my drink - I think that is what my problem was on Monday - my smoothie consisted of predominantly fruit. 
Smoothies, in my opinion, should be green. You want all the goodness that green veg has to offer.
I also drank a lot of water during the day as well as tea. Lot's of tea - with nothing added. It was either green tea, chai tea (not latte), dandelion root tea or ginger tea with lemon. 
So I made it! I am sure that I am going to go on this detox again in a month or so...
Oh! The big question some may have! How much weight did I lose? 
I lost a total of 5lbs. 
And no, I did not exercise. 

PS! I recommend that you will need to speak with your doctor before you embark on any sort of weight loss/detox regimen - especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions. Just in case…better be safe than sorry!


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