Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It would be easy for me to look back on this month and say that so far it's been a bust. What a negative way of thinking, I realize this. I feel like I am totally hard on myself. And the fact is that I am. I always put such a huge amount of pressure on myself that no wonder my anxiety is through the roof. 
Therefore, I am trying to practise more positivity. The other day I sat there and thought to myself "I shouldn't be depressed that I am not working. Something WILL come along...and I should take this time to work on myself and enjoy the time off"...because who knows when the next time off will be, right?

Travis and I are also looking into different options in terms of our current living situation. We want something bigger...but something cheaper as well. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE our's gorgeous and we have a wonderful view and huge windows and whatnot...but maybe it's time for a change? Maybe it's time for a backyard? I's something we are currently mulling over. 

So after doing a lot of searching over the weekend I also decided that I wanted to cleanse our current living space. 
What I mean is cleanse it from negative energy. I don't know if it's because I am home all the time now but there is just a sense of being weighed down here. So therefore, I plugged 'cleansing space' into Google and came up with 'smudging'. 
Along with different options of keeping your living space free from negative energy. Such as incense, sprinkling holy water and such. Travis was totally against the idea of getting a priest in here to bless the space so decided I will and can do it myself. 

I haven't gotten around to it yet although I did purchase my smudge stick from a tiny little shop that specializes in that sort of thing    - I guess I am waiting for the right time? Maybe the weekend? I also need Travis home in case the fire detector goes off. LOL. 
I also am looking into salt lamps - which would also help keep my living space cleansed of negative energy as well. 

I know this all sounds very New Age-y ~ but why not try it?? 
If it works, it works! I am a firm believer that we can get weighed down by a lot of BS and that cleansing ourselves and our abodes will help in keeping positive energy in our lives. 

So let's go into what these things are a little more so you guys get a better idea. :) 

So let's start off with smudging!


Smudging is a North American tradition {although many other religions use similar techniques if not the same one}. 
It is a powerful cleansing technique which is the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic and spiritual purification. It is a way of cleansing a person, place or object from negative energies and influences and is also effective in blessing or re-energizing those very same persons, places or objects as well. 
Smudging is effective if you're feeling depressed, angry, generally unwell, or resentful or if you recently had an argument with someone. 

The herb commonly used for smudging is Sage or Sweet Grass {although Lavender and Sandalwood is used as well}. These herbs are dried and bound to form a "stick" and in traditional societies these herbs are sacred. 
You don't have to use a sage stick, you can use individual dried sage leaves, but they burn out a lot quicker, leaving you to relight each leaf whilst with the stick it lasts a bit longer. It's highly unlikely that you will burn the entire smudge stick during one ritual. 

How To Smudge
Consider your intention before your ritual and hold it clear in your mind and do it with an attitude of love, care and reverence. 
A candle is recommended to light the stick but you can use a lighter as well. You light your stick and blow out the flame so that the stick is smoldering and not burning.
To put it out, by the way, you need a little bowl and you press down to stop it from smoldering. You can use water...but the stick will begin to get moldy. 

Smudging Yourself Or Another
Light the stick and fan the smoke around your body from head to toe, particularly in areas where you feel there are blockages or there has been physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain. 
Focus on your chakra's as well. 

Smudging a Room or Space
Light the stick and walk around the perimeter of the room giving special care and attention to corners and behind doors. You can fan the smoke with a large feather. There is no wrong or right way of smudging!
You can say a prayer of gratitude and keep in mind your intention of removing any negative energy from the area during the ritual. 


Salt lamps are natural ion generators which emit negative ions into the atmosphere. 
Negative ions are GOOD for you - despite the word 'negative' - which freaks people out. Negative ions restore and neutralize air quality. 
Homes and offices are filled with electrical appliances and electronics which have been blamed for lowering energy levels, making us feel tired, cranky and depressed because of all that positive ion emission. 
A rock salt lamp in these areas of 'positive ion pollution' will help neutralize the air. 
How it works is that the heat from the lamp attracts moisture - the evaporation of water through salt then emits negative ions into the air. 
The benefits are as follows: reducing symptoms of SAD, boosts serotonin levels, eliminates allergens, supports the immune system, increases chi, improves mental alertness and a general sense of well-being. 
Himalayan rock salt lamps are made from salt crystals approximately 250 million years old from the Himalayan mountain region. They come in white, pink, peach, orange and red colours and different shapes and sizes. 
One word of caution - do not immerse your salt lamp in water. Just take a lightly dampened cloth and wipe it down and dry with a dry cloth afterwards. Or just light the lamp afterwards - the heat will dry the lamp on it's own as well. 

There you have it! Some idea's on how to cleanse your space and keep it positive with smudging and negative ions. :) 
Have you guys ever tried anything like this and find it really works well for your lifestyle? 
I would love to hear opinions or thoughts on this! :) 


{Note: Images were found on Google Images - these are not mine.}


  1. Hi. Did you try the smudge stick or the lamp? What were the results? Thanks.

  2. Hi Ritu! Thanks for the comment! I ordered the lamp and it actually came in the mail today! I was waiting on cleansing with the smudge stick to use the lamp...start 'fresh' if you will. And will be doing that this weekend after a nice full clean of my home. I will keep you posted and will write a post on it as well! :)