Friday, February 19, 2016

::*::52 Lists::*::

People say that moving is one of the most stressful times in one's life that one has to undergo. I guess it's only as stressful as you make it for yourself, am I right? What if you move a gajillion times?!
So far, the stress is at a minimum but it's possible that that is because I'm not allowing it to get to the point where I might lose my freakin' mind. 
I used to do that a lot...I had the tendency to magnify minute problems into gargantuan ones. 
I don't think I wasn't bored as much as I didn't have the means necessary to just deal with life's problems all that well at the time. 
I'm trying to make a conscious effort to carve out time for myself at the end of the day - and I do this usually by taking a nightly bubble bath every day, even if it's five minutes. I know that it might be a bit of a waste, but it's honestly what keeps me sane at this point. 
Yesterday, I began to write BFF; Bee's - got me the "52 Lists Project" book...honestly, what you're technically supposed to do {I guess} is go through each list, each week. I went on a rampage and probably did 20 lists. LOL! I didn't finish them all, but I began quite a few of them...and honestly, I felt great afterwards. I personally feel that it also helps with realizing the little things in life that you're grateful for.
I definitely recommend this book, I'm already thinking about it and wanting to fill out MORE lists! But, will save that for before bed - to destress and decompress. 
BUT, I will do one list with you guys right now! One of the lists that I practically completed easily yesterday. 

I don't think there are any "rules" as to how you fill out your OWN journal...that's why I don't mind so much that I did a bunch yesterday...with that being said...I'll be one sad puppy once I'm done all the lists...but at the same time, I can revisit it again after six months and do it all over again and see the changes, if any. 
I really am super excited about continuing filling out this little book {and it's super pretty to go through too}, definitely have to give props to Moorea Seal..wish I had thought of it! But hey...that doesn't mean that we can't do our own lists too, right?!

PS. You can do as few...or as many points as you want...I'll go until I've exhausted myself out of ideas. :) 

~ List Your Greatest Comforts ~
* a dog's sigh * 
* a clean bed, freshly washed sheets *
* cuddles with my puppies * 
* cuddles with my man! * 
* homemade rosol {chicken noodle soup} *
* warming tea *
* a piping-hot cup of coffee with a flavor shot *
* pasta or mashed potatoes *
* watching the snow fall *
* a large knit sweater *
* a faux fur, or heavy blanket *
* a cat's purr *
* a {my} big comfy couch * 
* bear hugs from my man *
* the cool side of a pillow *
* a bubble bath * 
* blanket scarves *
* a massage * 
* twinkle lights * 
* books, particularly The Hunter's Moon *
* lounge or New Age music always on in the background * 
* the soft glow of candles or hurricane lights * 
* anything with cinnamon * 
* delicious smelling body creams {gingerbread latte!} *
* warm towels * 
* walking barefoot * 
* just randomly finding a spot at home and laying on the floor * 
* fresh baked bread with butter * 
* the sound of heavy rain * 
* the sound of thunder * 
* when the furnace kicks on * 
* tanning booths {I know it's terrible, but I can't help it!} * 
* music by The Police, Sting, Bryan Adams or The Corrs * 
* dark chocolate with almonds *
* comforting bear hugs from my family * 

* my Mom's scarves *

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