Saturday, March 19, 2016


We arrrreeee moving!! 
Did I already mention that before? Well...I'm telling you again if I already did. T-minus 5 days! I was very excited in the beginning...lost interest, got stressed out, and now I am excited all over again! 
Overall, things have been going really well! 
Since I am obsessed with this lists thing I am going to list all the new things going on with me since the beginning of January!
1. I lost 30+ pounds! 
Yes...that's right...thirty pounds is a heck of a lot! But it had to be done...I am feeling lots better for it, but it's not to say that I still have many more goals. 
Which leads me to also being...
2. A heck of a lot stronger!
I can do 15 burpee's in a row! I remember back in August when I started going to the gym and going to classes that I could barely....BARELY do 3-5 in a row...let alone 15!! They're freakin' hard! Not only that but I can do 10 legit push-ups...I can left a lot more. I can squat til the cows come home and even do some with weights..I can also leg press 210lbs! My heaviest back in the day was 135lbs! 
3. I still have a pooch, but I ain't letting it slow me down. 
4. I am a registered holistic nutritionist!
5. I drove! I actually drove around with my bestie today! I did my driver's training classes and now just need to get behind a wheel. 
6. We are moving!
7. I am a lot busier at work and movin' on up! I'm not going to get into too many details on that because it probably wouldn't interest any of you, but this is something I definitely am optimistic about. 

So yea! It's been soooo busy....packing is pretty much all done...just need to do some moving this Thursday....and Friday! And then we have a long weekend...and I'll be taking some time off work as well to unpack and settle in {especially help the babies settle in}. 
Oh and my 30th birthday is coming up! How crazy!?! 
Yes, LOTS going on....
Lot's to look forward to! 

That's my update! 


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