Thursday, April 28, 2016


It has been far too long little blog!! 
I barely even have enough time to myself! Let alone post on here, which I feel terribly guilty about - I usually do.
But the last few months have gone by so quickly - and so much has gone on...little and big. 
First of all...we've moved! Yup! It took the perfect townhouse for us to move...and you know how they say tha tsometimes you gotta take that chance? Well, we did...and couldn't be happier! I really do love our new place and I remember second-guessing my decision in the months leading up to the move...wondering if I would be happy there or not...but I am. And I am super glad that we did.
The puppies are loving it too. ;) And of course, so is my man. :)
Other then that, I have begun driving! I know I know...29 years old and not driving! I held myself back for all these years...driving isn't so's still hella nerve-wracking but I've probably driven a total of 5 times. I am so glad too that my driving instructor pushed me to go onto busier streets...or else I would still be going around in circles in parking lots and that's SO boring! So...I've been driving around...but it's sorta at a stand-still at times becuase we own a manual vehicle and I don't geel comfortable driving manual at this point. This weekend we are hoping to find a deal to rent an automatic vehicle so that I can drive. :) Pretty good plan, I think 
I will also need to book my road test pretty soon and then when I pass (not if! lol) then I will be able to drive on my own. So I am looking forward to that...I am still very nervous when I get behind the wheel, but I do know that with practice it will get better. Many people tell me it is life-changing...I certainly hope it is! Lol. :P 
I also have a bunch of goals and plans for the remainder of this year. It feels like I am at a stand-still even though I got a lot on the go. But that will all change and I am definitely eager for the warmer weather and trying new things and seeing more places. :) 
I will be sure to keep you all posted on what is going on along with some pictures. :) There are a lot of recipes that I will be needing to share with you too. 

So that is just my little update! More thorough updates to come! ;) 


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