Monday, August 15, 2016


Fuzzy feelings are starting to come up for me...
Which could only mean...
Yes, that's right. If you know me well, you know that I am obsessed with Fall...and not in your typical "first world problem white girl with the thigh high boots and pumpkin spiced latte in hand" sorta way...but more in the...actually, why don't we make a list? I am loving listography (if that even a word?!) so...I'll tell you what it is about Fall that I am absolutely in love with...
Because to tell you the truth, it never used to be my favorite season. I would always choose Spring or Summer over Fall or Winter any day. But now, I just love everything about it and look forward to it like craaaazy!
This list is in no particular order.

*-*Halloween Shows*-*
This means Home Improvement, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Fresh Prince of Bel Air...the list could go on and on and on...just love it when the Halloween shows air (and don't even get me started on Christmas either!). I am definitely going to get my fill of Halloween shows this year...mark my words. 
And let's not forget...

*-*Halloween Movies*-*
Of course we can't forget about the silver screen!
My favorite??? Hocus Pocus of course! I will watch this EVERY SINGLE DAY...or have it on in the background on repeat while I'm doing other things around the house...other favorites as well are Practical Magic, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow. Of course there are the horror movies too, which leads us to...

*-*Fear Fest*-*
Love AMCs Fear Fest! 

It's just a marathon of scary movies and although there are some that I'm not too interested in {such as Tremors} I can't get enough of Jeepers Creepers and the likes of those kind of movies. I can get into Friday the 13th and Halloween...but last year they sorta overplayed them. Hopefully this year there are a bunch of new ones. Fear Fest also reminds me of when my family comes to visit too...we would have marathons and my Mom would make delicious and hearty stew and it would be quite cool out with drizzle...ahh...memories. Which leads me to...

*-*Family Visits*-*
The last couple of years my family always comes to visit during this I now correlate Autumn with quality family time. 
Going on walks/hikes, cooking together, relaxing and watching movies, and of course shopping!! :)
Always a great time when family is around.

*-*Fall Fashion*-*
Okay, I'm a girl...I had to include this one! 
I definitely love anything that looks, smells or feels like the word WARMTH. So I am definitely into all the chunky knits, wool and faux fur. 
I love the Autumnal colours of the rainbow ranging in from browns and reds to greens and oranges. Who doesn't? Fall colors are pretty damn magnificent. 

*-*Fall Smells*-*
I am obsessed with creams, lotions, perfumes, EDPs - the entire shebang (!!) that resemble a pumpkin or cinnamon apple pie baking in the oven. I want to smell like a bakery!! I am unsure of where my newfound love has come from for sugary and chocolately treats...but yes, I have a bit of an obsession. It's kind of hard to find really good Fall smells, or anything that smells pastry-like without getting that off-chemical undertone. Much like when you are trying to find a good coconut lotion and it's impossible to find!! By the way, if any of you have some amazing coconut products please fill me in! Anyways, the closest I can get to my beloved scents are during Fall season at Bath & Bodyworks. They come out with some amazing Fall scents that are to die for! Not only that but I also recently found this amazing Caramel & Cinnamon body cream from a Polish grocery store and it smells incredible! My Grandma even uses it herself!! That in itself is pretty awesome. ;) She has good taste!! 

*-*Fall Weather*-*
I am a rain kinda girl. If I had to pick between rain or shine, I would most likely choose rain because I love it. And I find rain to be ethereal. 
One of the reasons why I love rain particularly in the Fall is the way that the clouds look during this season. Usually they are white on top while their underbellies are pregnant with rain casting a dark and ominous umbra. I can just imagine it now as I sit here, looking out the window, knowing that it's sweater-weather out there...quite cool, but when the sun peaks it it fills you with warmth. Of course, at any moment those clouds could very well let loose and you'd be soaked to the bone in a matter of seconds...but..that's just what makes Fall weather perfect. It's unpredictable and that is what is perfect and wonderful about Mother Nature.

My home province is pretty breathtaking during the Fall and I am sure many are jealous of this. 
Just a simple Google search will show the resplendent trees and nature scenes of gorgeous Ontario in all it's glory.
Which means finding new spots to go hiking {and take a myriad of selfies, LOL}.

That's all for my Fall post...I mean, there is so much more...but this post has taken me THREE days to write up and I think it's time for it and I to part ways. Lol. 
Of course there will be more Fall posts...because, as you can tell, I am obsessed!!