Tuesday, August 09, 2016


I wrote this over the weekend...on my phone....and since I'm trying to blog more decided that I can't not share...so here it is. More posts to come! :)

Two more days of vacation left. Sigh. How depressing that can be! I mean, I am happy to get back into my regular routine but how blissful it was to be able to do whatever I wanted!
Travis and I were both able to rest and relax together. That meant a lot of beach time, gaming and gym! Yes! We went to the gym every day! Sometimes as early as 6:30! I think we missed one gym day out of 14 days so far. But we definitely feel great for it! I also had my first cheat meal in a while yesterday which was ice cream. Nomnom. But....it's back to reality. It's the weekend after all and there has to be a tun of laundry and meal prep for the next 48 hours.
I also decided that today I am going to measure myself. My body that is.
I have a confession to make.
I weigh myself daily.
Every. Single. Day.
I know so many people think it's bad. And I agree to a certain extent but at the same time when I first started this fitness journey a year ago now it really held me accountable. I was able to figure out things that were working for me and weren't.
Now that I am at my lowest weight since the age of 18 I know that the scale isn't going to go down any further, but instead will go up because I am lifting weights like crazy and building that muscle up. And as many of you have heard...muscle weighs more then fat. Which is great! I love it. But the flip side to that coin is how to rewrite my brain to think the same. Because for me to see the scale going up can be incredibly discouraging.
Just this morning I weighed myself. After an entire week of clean eating and only some treats yesterday and I supposedly gained 4lbs! How is that even possible?! It isn't. And I know deep in my gut that it's water weight and all that crap but I understand how so many women can get discouraged and who knows maybe a pound or two of that gain is pure muscle from pounding it out at the gym for the last two weeks straight!
Regardless, that's my goal today. I am going to share with you my measurements that I took exactly one year ago and what I measure out today.
This past year has been pretty incredible. I have done and accomplished so much. I should be proud of myself but I am still working on that self love. :) I finished and graduated school, I finished drivers training and got my license (and a car!), I lost 45lbs and became a fitness fanatic....and I've gotten so much more work at work which is keeping me pretty happy and busy.
There are many more things I would like to accomplish before the year is out and will definitely keep everyone posted on some of my big plans and goals.

Right now though, I am sitting at my doctors as I have been fighting a cold for the last week and it's draining the life out of me. Not fun considering you're on your last few vacation days. I really wanted to go and beach it up but I'm torn between the surf and the sand and my couch and faux fur blankets in sub zero air conditioned temperatures. Lol. I'm broke anyways so maybe just an R&R day of doing absolutely nothing is just what I need.
Ugh. Where is my doctor?! Why are doctors always so late!!? The light turned off in this room twice here. As its on a timer. Wtf.


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