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Now I know the "desert rose" look is "in", think golds, sandstone, nude and light shimmering peach colours along with tawny browns. But why not be the ballsy woman in your office or group of friends and go for a dramatic, classic, "old hollywood" look? Basic eye, strong brows, and eye-popping lip colour. Reds, browns and sunburnt browns, oh my!
I fell in love with lipstick in the beginning of Summer, I know, I know, who the heck wears heavy lip colour in freakin humid weather?! But listen , it was no muss no fuss, and it can be for any season, Fall or Winter. How it may seem like dramatic lip colours aren't in, that's not the case, I'm just stating that not enough ladies wear it. There are many reasons why you should try a show or crowd-stopping colour.

Number 1: You will be the centre of attention, it is a known fact that people are attracted to the colour red in put those on one of the most sensuous parts of your body, your smackers, you're bound to draw attention.

Number 2: You essentially don't have to put on any other makeup. Throw on some lipstick, curl and coat those lashes and......that's it. Simply easy...simple! Not to mention, quick.

umber 3: You don't need more reasons then the previous two, now do you? There may be some moaning and groaning out there. One I can hear already..."I don't look good in lipstick", or, "I'm afraid people will stare...not in a good way!"...First of all, everyone looks good in lipstick, you just got to figure out your perfect shade and it's trial & error. It took me three shades, but eventually I found my perfect colour.
And yes, people may stare, but c'mon, you're a sexy, confident, in-charge woman! NO ONE will say "What in gawd's name are you wearing?!", instead they may be jealous that they don't have the courage to pull it off.

And lipsticks are pretty much always cheap...unless, of course, you decide to get Tom Ford's luxe red shades from his tightly edited collection - 12 shades to be exact - I'd probably still prefer to choose a gorgeous shade for $7.99 as opposed to $52 (no offense Mr. Ford) and hey, if the lipstick isn't exactly "moisturizing", then dab some vaseline and let it semi-dry before adding your luxe colour.

But there are other classic complaints when regarding lipstick, smuding, smearing, lipstick on teeth, on clothes, etc. Well, no one said it would be easy, "Beauty is Pain" may not be a correct term but it ain't easy being a bombshell.
Not only that but our lovely cosmetic companies have come out with no smudge lipstick. IE. Infallible LipColour by Revlon. Seriously ladies, it is literally smudge-proof. You put that colour on those baby's, you can smooch, eat, drink, whatever! and it ain't coming off.

So go on my darlings, take a dare ( actually a double dare ) and go out there and pick a daring colour and put your lips where they deserve, for once, in the spotlight.


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