Saturday, September 11, 2010


It's hard to choose a photo of the day sometimes. There are so many different photo's and editorials out there to choose from, so the countless photograph's perused through make me want to just post about everything up.
I will be posting more editorials and spreads up in the future.
What I like about fashion editorials, is not just the story of the photographer, or the models, but of the clothes. And to be honest, you can always make up some sort of story to these spreads half the time. It's like an imaginary world almost, you can place yourself in that instant, imagine yourself wearing the clothes and being in a certain situation as your model portrays, and that's what's so great about fashion and fashion magazines. That it takes you away from that reality for just a moment, and turns you into a glamazon, a trophy wife, a jet-setter, a famous celebrity or a plain old beauty.
That's not to say all of you aren't beautiful. All you globetrotters are beyond gorgeous. :) xo
What do you guys think the story behind this photo is?  -S*

Brazilian Beauty Raquel Zimmerman in Unknown Editorial

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