Friday, March 30, 2012


Well...I am back in CanadiaLand...but how I ridiculously miss home. Seriously. Walking the Oss-Man, going on shopping excursions, grocery shopping with Ma, the delicious and amazing dinners, the California weather, the comfy bed (!) the movie-athons...I haven't gone back home on my own like this and it was really nice and I am glad that my Mom convinced me to come on my own because I really needed it. 
I know that she is a little sad that I had to already leave and that the time went by so quickly! But I know now that there will be A LOT more California trips. 
My flight back to Toronto was pretty good and pretty fast - thankfully...and now I have some cleaning up to do around my apartment and my lovely boyfriend left me dishes to do and things here, there and everywhere to tidy up. :/ So that is the plan for today. 
Other then that, I am definitely hoping for a quiet & lazy weekend! So cleaning today and nothingness tomorrow and Sunday. 
I know Ma is reading this...I love you Mommy!!!
And of course the Pappafranz and Oss-Man...too bad my Dad had to work when I was there...and sick! Poor guy! He is feeling better though, so no worries people! :)) 

Hm....what shall I post about today? I have SO many recipes from California and even more amazing recipes/idea's from my Mom. The cooking there was soooo amazing! I can't even begin to describe it. So I will be sure to share that with you guys in the future as well. :) 

Ahh...I will post my new book wishlist. Some books that I found (through Amazon) that I heard about in magazine articles and such that look very interesting. And omg...some even more AMAZING news near the end - with regards to books. :) 

Let's begin! 

I believe I read about this book in Self Magazine. I have an obsession with fitness/health magazines lately...I barely buy fashion mags anymore since everything is pretty much online but I am always trying to figure out new ways to lead a healthier lifestyle and try and learn all about nutrition as well.
So, reading the description of this book it basically tries to teach you how to NOT diet and actually eat like a normal person and still lose weight. As it's said in the 'script - a 14 day plan can only create results for 14 days. This book is about a lifetime plan. Definitely something I'd want to read and learn on how I can have forever results and not just temporary.
"Go Undiet: 50 Small Actions for Lasting Weight Loss" by Gloria Tsang.
Amazon Canada - $16.97. 

I have an obsession with food, food network and this is definitely a change for me...because as much as it is about food, it isn't a cookbook! I found out about this book while watching Top Chef Texas Reunion while in California. There was a funny little montage with Gail Simmon's (author and person in the pic...obviously, lol) and I just want to know HOW Gail (an Ontario girl btw!) got into becoming a "professional eater"! I hear the book reads if you're talking to Gail yourself over some brie, crackers and a glass of red. Definitely interested in this book!
"Talking With My Mouth Full" by Gail Simmons.
Amazon Canada - $18.80.

I have recently taken up interest in any books on it definitely strikes an attraction to learning as much as possible. I read about this book in on of my Mom's magazines. 
This book is about neuroscience and happiness. 
Who doesn't want to read a book like this and become more "fulfilled" in life? A definite must on everyone's wish list I think. 
"Buddha's Brain" by Rick Hanson with Richard Mendius.
Amazon Canada - $14.40.

There are a lot of people out there that deal with depression. Mental health is something that interests me an entire lot. Even though I don't have an issue with depression (just some S.A.D. and anxiety) I am still curious how one can deal with such a (at times) dibilitating disease. 
I also think that a lot of people, regardless, should practise mindfulness and to be honest a lot are advocating this method more so then ever. 
Mindfulness is a traditional application of Eastern meditation this sort of ties into Buddhism in a way. Another book that will definitely be an interesting read. 
"The Mindful Way Through Depression" by Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal and Jon Kabat-Zinn.
Amazon Canada - $17.29.

I am definitely a massive control freak and just think this book would be perfect for me to read. This is another one about mindfulness but would be geared more towards me and my own personal change. 
I am also, definitely a this book is a must. 
"Present Perfect" by Pavel Somov.
Amazon Canada - $13.68.

I have an obsession with Giada! I love her! What makes her that much more special to me though is the last week or two that I had Sky with me we watched a couple episodes a day...literally together. I love her cookbooks, her Italian-ness, the recipes and photo's. 
Certain books definitely evoke a certain passion...I seriously love to cook and love food beyond Mom thinks I am quite weird when I wake up in the morning and after saying "G'Morning!" I ask almost immediately "What's for dinner??". I definitely hold dinner sacred (not a breakfast person...or lunch for that matter). I think during dinner time you can become super creative, relax, have a glass of wine, socialize. It's the best of times for me and purchasing fantastic cookbooks that inspire you to do better in the kitchen is even better! :) 
Weeknights (dinner?) with Giada sounds like perfection to me!
"Weeknights with Giada" by Giada De Laurentiis.
Amazon Canada - $21.95.

Sophie Dahl is by far one of my most favourite chefs and cookbook writers. I am pretty sure she didn't go to a culinary school or anything - has been in and out of modelling for several years size to no size and such...I just love the fact that you don't have to eat everything in site or be a big girl (or big boy) to enjoy food. You can be healthy, have a great figure and enjoy rich foods! 
I really loved her other cookbook and seriously read it from cover to cover. Her books definitely read like actual novels...the pictures are ridiculously gorgeous and the recipes are deliciously fabulous. 
I have mentioned this book before - only being available in the UK. Then the other morning I woke up to an email from Amazon saying that this book is now available in Canada!!! Well, it will be on the third of April. I can't wait to get my hands on this book. 
"Very Fond of Food: A Year in Recipes" by Sophie Dahl. 
Amazon Canada - $21.32.

So...that big news thing was the two cookbooks. Lol. Giada and Sophie. Brand new cookbooks that recently came out! I really get ridiculously excited when I find out new books by some of my favourite chefs are coming out. Now I will wait for more...maybe by Tyler Florence...Roger Mooking or something... HINT HINT chefs. Get more books out! For serious. 
You inspire me and get your money at the same time. What couldn't be better?? 
Anyways...I gotta go clean. My lovely boyfriend left me "cleaning presents"
Have a lovely Friday everyone!!!


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