Monday, June 04, 2012


I looooove clothes. What girl/woman doesn't? Seriously...I am going to share with you some recent purchases/gifts. :))

First of all, I had to share the pic of my dinner from Milestones on Saturday evening. It wasn't the greatest meal I've ever had but it wasn't too too bad. I have a thing for instagraming by meals. Lol. 

I love animal print and this blazer is kick-ass. 

Another amazing blazer that I have. Love the cute red pin striping on the inside of the jacket. 

A top - perfect for going out somewhere in the summertime. It's also super light and I love the embellishment on the neckline. Necklace not required for this top.

A huge pair of hoop earrings from Aldo that I love! You don't need any other accessories when you have these bad boys on. 
Also my birthday present from Keverino - a gorgeous pastel coloured purse from Aldo. It's quite large and that is a bonus. I love this bag. My go-to Summer purse.

I'm really into studs lately - and I love all these nautical. I believe I was a pirate in another life. I made sure to take clear polish to the stones so they wouldn't fall out - little tip for you guys. ;))

A light and thin cream blazer from H&M. PERFECT for days a tad on the cool side.

My birthday top that I got from the boyfriend's Mom. It's thin and perfect for warmer weather days. You can wear as is with leggings or take a belt to it.
Even wear it open with a camisole underneath. 

Same top - two different colours. Throw it on with a pair of jeans and flats. 

I'm forever getting fancy tops so I needed to find some plain jane tanks...this is an AE Sport top...I got it in this pink colour, white and 2 black ones. Can wear them with sweats, shorts, jeans or leggings. 

Pants to diiiie for. I love these. I got them from H&M and they are the most amazingly incredible mint colour.
I think I might end up going back and picking up the same pair but in a pastel purple. 


{Source: Images all taken by Me}

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