Saturday, June 02, 2012


Now, if you know me, you will know that sometimes I need some anger management...I can get so hyped up sometimes that it's not even funny. I think the reason being {and it may not make too much sense to some} is that I simply care WAY too much about what others think of me. It really is pointless. The only person that I should care about is myself...and take care of myself first and foremost. But sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. 
I am trying to change a few things around in my life and it's a process. I'm still learning and still trying. 
I am grateful to have someone like the boyfriend in my life. When I feel like a helium balloon and get too high on myself he brings me back down to earth. 
He tells me I am just as good as anyone else if I am feeling like crap or raise the bar too low. It's something I need to work on. 
Of course I am grateful for my family who do the same thing for me as well. 

I don't know why I rambled on like that there, but I did. 


It's the weekend! I hope everyone is having a great start to theirs. 
Poor bf has to work {he works every Saturday so it's not like this is a surprise} but I know he's pooped after working and doing lots of stuff around the house the last few weeks. 
This is the first weekend, and actually first time in a while weather-wise, where it is raining raining raining. I am loving it. 
Woke up, everything looks super green out there, the gardens sure need it. The colours are bright and POP. The temperature is perfect.
I just love Springtime rain - or Summertime rain, either or. Actually, I love rain in general...but these types of rain, the earth smells divine, the sky is dusky and tenebrous against the animated colours of the newly budding trees and kaleidoscopic flowers and gardens. 
I am not sure why I love when it rains so much. 

I guess for whatever reason; to me it feels otherworldly. I know that some people will go "whaa?" but growing up I loved all the medieval / magical type movies. Movies that took place a long time Lord of the Rings, Willow, Three Musketeers, First Knight...First Knight especially comes to mind. It is one of my Mom's favourite movies...and in one scene the two main characters are out in a green and marvellous forest while it pours rain...I don't know how to describe it. It's just a feeling you get I guess. 
Enchanting is the word that comes to mind. 
I feel like going out there frolicking myself! If I could sit outside in the rain I would -- and I do if shelter from the rain permits. 
Basically what I am trying to say is that I am enjoying this rain a lot. Lol. 
For me it isn't "gloomy" or "depressing" -- it's bewitching. :))
And don't get me started about storms. ;)

Anyways! Tonight is my birthday dinner with the boyfriend's fambam and I am excited to go out and try some new food. And I don't have to cook or do the dishes so that's a bonus! 

I'll be blogging throughout the weekend. Got lots of recipes and things to share with you all. It's quite early in the morning so I have an hour or so to do that right now along with the laundry. :P

Hope everyone is enjoying their lovely Saturday! 


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