Sunday, June 03, 2012


Hmm...I am wondering if I should change up my font on this blog...or even the colours. I am not sure yet. What do you guys think? 
I like having a "signature" I don't want to change my header and whatnot, but it would be nice if we had a change, no?
I guess I will ponder it some more in the next little while. I am loving the aqua but am steering towards an "Easter purple" if that makes sense. 
Anyways...this is something I wrote from bed on my iPhone earlier today. 

Ahhh. Lazy Sundays. Gotta love them days. 
It's quite cool out today, the window is wide open, listening to the birds while the Food Network is on in the background. Boyfriend is watching YouTube videos while I'm just skimming the internet-world reading up on random things. 
All while snuggled up under the feather down duvet that Sky used to love so much. 
I miss my little babe. 
I am sure that today isn't going to be terribly productive. I was going to torture the bf and drag his butt to the mall but this is his first day off that he hasn't had to do anything work-related or house-related, so I'll leave him in peace. 
I could probably catch up on some laundry as much as laying here is divine at the moment. 
It is becoming increasingly dark outside as it threatens to rain.
The other day, the boyfriend and I went and ran some errands as well as gone to the mall outside our city for fun where I got the most amazing pair of pants {for cheap!} from H&M. I will make sure to share with you guys later. 
I also went to Chapters just to look at what's new on the shelves. I'm really into self-help books so there are a few that I had seen that I need to check out on Amazon. It's so much cheaper to buy online.
Tosca Reno has a new book out too that I feel like I desperately need along with her vegetarian cookbook that I have been eyeing for for the longest time. I'll make sure to share my most recent wish list with you guys soon too. 
I have run out of books to read and am probably going to reread an older Stephen King, Harlan Coben or Dean Koontz novel. 
I love books. You have no idea. 
When I get new books it makes me ridiculously happy. I am delirious over books or magazines. It's crazy.
I am sure everyone has their thing though. 

I am super stoked too as Kevin recently got me the new limited edition Kate Moss by Mario Testino book which is loaded with images from Kate Moss's lucrative modelling career. I have read reviews that everything about the book - right down to the stock - is amazing. So I am eager to get my little hands on it and let you all know what it's like. :))
I am sure it is going to be wonderful. 
Other then that, nothing much else is going on here on my end. 
Had a lovely dinner with the boyfriend and his family last night at Milestones. The company was great but the food was mediocre to say the least. I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. For an appetizer I got and shared the risotto balls with the boyfriend. I won't be ordering that again. I disliked it immensely. And for my entree I got Cajun Shrimp Diane. 
The sauce was pretty good but the rest was uninspired at best. Plain old dry Jasmine rice, some shrimps and 3 baby tomatoes and swiss chard. What a weirdo combination. It did not go well together at all. Needless to say, I won't be ordering that again. 
The boyfriend ordered Portobello Chicken. It was quite yummy! It was covered in a delicious garlicky sauce over cappellini. Which wasn't actually cappellini but spaghettini. Anyways, it wasn't really al dente either. This is why I don't order pasta in restaurants. Most of the time they prepare the past in the morning and it's usually a little on the mushy side. I had a horrific exper mojito ience once when I was younger after ordering spaghetti and the noodles were so mushy I almost barfed. Never again.
That experienced is seared into my mind now. 

Anyways! He enjoyed the meal so that is good! The highly of the entire meal for me was the I ordered. When it got to my table it looked like it was attacked my weeds. Although it was just a lot of mint leaves but I thought it funny. It was quite good! 

The dessert was good. I only had a bite since I'm not into sweets. It was a scoop of vanilla ice cream with three chocolate cookies that were very soft and decadent. 
But I let my boyfriends niece tuck into it. 
It was a good outing. I enjoyed myself a lot. 
When we got back to the house the boyfriend and I had a glass of wine and watched the news until 10pm. About the shooting at the Toronto Eaton Centre. 
Thoughts and prayers go to all who were affect by it. 

So yea...still in bed. Doing a load of laundry. The boyfriend is researching on his new "deck" he got for his car. I'll make sure to share more about that when it is installed and ready tomorrow. :)) He is exciiiiited! But he deserves it. He works hard for his money!!
I on the other hand, still want my dog but I have some more money to save up for that yet. Will take a while as I am still unemployed! I'll be handing out more resumes tomorrow and hopefully I find something soon! As well as looking into schools since I missed last weekends open house at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition due to my wicked cold I had at the time. 
Today is the Toronto SuperShow which I sadly am missing and hope to catch next year.
Hopefully everyone is having a blasty blast there today!

Blablabla. Enough rambling on my end here now. 
I got a bit carried away there. Lol. At least you now havae had a look at my weekend! 
Hope everyone is having a great Sunday so far!

Yup. So I wrote that earlier this I am dressed, bed is made, pictures of my new clothes taken, laundry is in the dryer and doing another load shortly. Boyfriend decided after all to work on the house so he is out there paining the siding. I guess I might join him so he isn't out there all alone. 
The birds are still singing - loudly and I am loving it! It's still a rainy day but it is glorious. :) 
I will be sharing my pics at some point, my wish list and whatnot and more recipes and editorials! 
Stay tuned. :) 

PS!!! Sorry for any typos or grammatical errors! I am lazy today and don't want to go back and reread my post! I wrote it out twice, that's enough for me today! Lol. 


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