Sunday, July 08, 2012


I am such an asshole. I told Kevin on Friday that I was going to post a random story on here since I haven't written anything in a while and I didn't do no such thing. I am sorry Kev!!! 
I am not sure how interesting my bus story would be to some of you to begin with. I have been avoiding the bus for a couple of years freaks me out. I know, I know. I am a drama queen...but is smells...and I dislike very much running into people that I don't want to run into from high school. Who does?? 
I have been going to the gym...week 2 last week...and have been catching the bus to get to the gym - as there is obviously no other method of transportation for me; although I would love to have my own personal town car but that is obviously not in the cards for me unless I win next weekends lottery. Fingers crossed. has been ridiculously hot here in my neck of the woods and by the time I get to the bus stop from my apartment I am a puddly mess...and for whatever reason the AC at the gym is sucking lately and I feel like I am a walking "in need of deoderant!!" ad. Very self conscious when I get into a vehicle after the gym in fear of someone passing out behind the wheel because of the smell. Ha ha ha. I am really kidding..or am I? 
Anyways...the point of the story? I have had a few close calls the last couple of times with regards to catching the bus...they never seem to be on time...either 5 minutes before the scheduled time or 5 minutes after. Annoying! Especially when you're standing there in +40C weather in gym gear half running to your stop... seems to be working because I have lost a bit of weight...
I have lost {since April} 17lbs. 
More to go. But I am sooo glad that I got back into the groove of things with regards to working out; I really love the gym. I love how you can go there and you're just in the zone...nothing really crosses your mind other then you, the weights, how much you're lifting, your form, your reps, your sets, the pain, the just feels fantastic. 
I have also realized that it doesn't matter how much you exercise - you gotta eat right. Abs are made in the kitchen. It's 80/20. 
So I am rereading all my clean eating books...and will research more on nutrition as that was the plan a while ago and I just never got around to it...or rather...I never bothered. 
So I will share whatever I come across in the next little while.
Of course I crave...I could really go for some KFC right now...
I have a recipe that is saved and waiting to be posted but I am having issues with the images which is highly frustrating and I am still waiting on posting my long anticipated hair post! So that will hopefully be up by the end of this week. 
The weekend flew by fast btw...didn't get up to too much. It was quiet. Relaxing. Spent most of it watching movies and sitting outside. The upcoming week will be a busy one as it is the boyfriend's brothers {and his fiancee's} stag & doe. They are getting married in Jamaica this December! So it is quite the exciting time for them and I can't imagine how busy they must be with the wedding planning and such. I very much look forward to seeing what the bride's dress will look like. :) 
Then on Sunday I hope to get out somewhere on a road trip...but we shall see! We are definitely not ones for planning ahead - it is usually just spontaneous. 
Anyways...I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has a lovely Monday tomorrow! 


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