Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It is Tuesday - and you know what that means...that's right, it's new magazine day. ;)) Not many issues are coming out today but I do know that the new Oxygen bookazine is coming out that I am looking forward to and the new Glamour mag with Mila Kunis on the cover. I love the Glam mag - just disappointed that they stopped using illustrator Kirsten Ulve in it. I really looked forward to her illustrations in the magazine every month. 

Another thing that is going on today is that Mary Zilba from Real Housewives of Vancouver has come out with her new single Hero - all proceeds, I believe, are going to TS {tuberos sclerosis} - something that her son Chase {who plays guitar on the single} has. 
It isn't a song that I would usually listen to...but I love Mary - and have an obsession with RHOV and I just love the song. It's great. So I purchased it on iTunes - hoping there was enough on Visa for a 99cent song. Thankfully, there was. Lol. They are also beginning to film the music video so I am looking forward to that. 
Anyways! I decided to add Mary as a friend on Facebook and she accepted! Not only that but I wrote on her wall and got a reply back! GAHH!!

There is my screencap for ya'll to see. ;)) 
Anyways! It made my morning - seeing as how I was in a pissy mood because I gained 2lbs from yesterday. Ugh. I need to stop stepping on the damn scale every single day. 
Anyways...what else can I share? 
I am listening to an album by Lissie called Catching A Tiger and it has been in my iTunes for forever and never paid it much attention but it is fantastic! Just thought I would share that. Make sure you check it out! I am also going to look into Coby Caillat as my Ma said she is pretty good. 

I guess that is pretty much it with regards to my rambling today. Not feeling incredibly inspired today - probably because I should probably get out of bed and start cleaning...so that is what I am going to do and then get my ass to the damn gym and hope these 2lbs eff off!
Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday so far! :)) 


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