Friday, July 20, 2012


Well, another quiet Friday evening - which is fine by me. I have had quite the tiring day today for whatever reason. Come to think of it, the last week has been overall exhausting. I am not too sure if it has anything to do with going cray cray at the gym or not...actually, I am beginning to wonder if I am not eating enough since I am training 5-6 times a week. 
I really do love going to the gym. It is that 1 hour a day where I can take care of myself and fully put 110% into that and even though some days I really don't feel like it I know that I just have to put my foot through the door and even if I half-ass it some days; well, at least I got to the gym and did something. 
Sundays and Wednesday's are usually my active rest days so I am always doing something...hiking or walking...I am hoping to get a bike next year and do more of that and in the Winter go ice-skating with the boyfriend {he loves to play ice hockey and is quite good at it too!}.

I guess I will go over my day a little bit...get a bit more personal in the blog as I don't tend to do that too often. But yea...
Woke up to terrible news this morning. Those shootings that happened in Colorado...well, that is very scary. 
I can't imagine what those people must have gone through in that movie theatre...or what the family of the victims are going through right now. The's just terrible. :( 
I don't know why this has to happen in our world...why? I guess there is no point in trying to figure it out...we never will, will we? 
It's sad that today - you can't even go out to the movies...without something tragic like this happening. 
Thoughts and prayers go to all those affected by this terrible terrible event. 

So obviously the start to the day was sad...and other then that, watching lots of CNN and trying to stay awake I did go and workout my legs at the gym. 
It was another gorgeous day out there weather wise...felt like Fall. So beautiful! I am just hoping for some rainy days soon. Just so that gives us a perfect excuse to stay in bed allll day! :)
Tomorrow will be a busy the boyfriend and I will be up early {yay, he has a Saturday off!} and we will be visiting my Uncle at the cemetery if we can and go to a huge Polish grocery store to pick up a few things here and there. Just some cup-a-soups...Polish cup-a-soups are the best. :) 
Sunday I hope to plan out a road trip for us to go on. Maybe the beach? We shall see! I have pictures to share with you guys from last weekends road trip...don't have anything yet to post...will have to fiddle-faddle with my phone first. 

Anyways..I am half falling asleep here at my I think I will sign off for now before I pass out with this thing on my lap and with my luck it will drop off the bed and destroy itself or something. 
Wow. I just can't seem to shut up now. Lol. 
I hope everyone is having a lovely night so far...having a great start to their weekend...loving and spending time with their loved ones...
I miss my family I just want them to know that I am thinking about them...and I think about them everyday! I miss them. 
I love you guys! :)) 

Nighty night.

Edita Vilkeviciute by Lachlan Bailey for Vogue Paris April 2012.


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