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Another Q&A from the FitnessRx for Women's website. 

August 2010 issue; Michele Levesque.

Can't get enough of FitnessRx's August 2010 cover model Michele Levesque? Well, we've got more on Michele in this Cover Model insider. Find out Michele's favorite cheat meal, favorite vacation spot and much more right here at!
Don't let Michele's Pamela Anderson looks fool you - she's just an average girl like you and me!
Birthday: January 18th, 1976
Sign: Capricorn

FRxW: Favorite Cheat Meal
Michele: My favorite cheat meal is peanut butter cookies! Or anything with oatmeal and granola! I have a sweet tooth - I could eat 6 cookies in a row, it's my weakness - I can't control myself!

FRxW: Gym Bag Essentials
Michele: In my gym bag I always have extra workout clothing. I workout two, sometimes three times a day so I always need to change and want to have extra clothing. I also have my iPod, my bottle of water, lipgloss and shower gel. :)

FRxW: Tunes on her iPod
Michele: On my iPod I have mostly trance music and dance music. I cannot workout without music - it's everything to me when I workout. It helps me to focus, to disconnect from my surroundings and be in a zone. 

FRxW: Fridge Fidings
Michele: In my fridge you'll find chicken, asparagus, spray butter, tilapia, broccoli and water. When I compete or am prepping for a photoshoot I have to keep myself away from temptations! So that's the way to go for me - go with the minimum in my fridge. 

FRxW: Favorite vacation spot
Michele: Well I live in a vacation spot now - MIAMI! So if I want to escape, I drive 5 minutes and I'm at the beach. It just feels like I am somewhere else. I would love to visit Italy and Greece. I like the architecture - it's so romantic, as well as the culture and the food! I like to see things and learn things when I am on vacation.

FRxW: If you could be a superhero, what would you be?
Michele: A superhero? I would be like a super human machine. I would be able to eat whatever I want, run for hours and hours without getting tired, I would be able to skip sleep so I can keep working. I would have six arms to be able to do more than two things at the same time, and have two brains so that I could be super smart. For me, there is not enough hours in a day to do everything I want so this superhero version of me would be just what I need!

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