Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello all my lovelies!
I just wanted to leave you guys with a quick note. 
First of all; thanks for all those that stuck by me and haven't unfollowed! I know I haven't posted since last Monday but I injured my coccyx {tailbone} and the Doc thinks that I may have actually broken it. I have been bedridden since then. Today is my first attempt back at work but I have yet to get x-rays, which should be done today. I have a bunch of meds for the pain but it's still quite uncomfortable to even sit. 
I should be getting back to posting as soon as I can. For now, I gotta get my rest. 
Hope everyone had a wonderful week and an even more wonderful weekend and finally on my side of the world we are getting rain - thank goodness. We haven't had rain in forever, just a lot of humidity and heat waves. The gardens and grass definitely need it. :) Hoping for some thunderboomers as well later on. :)
Anyways, I shall talk to you all soon and keep on smiling! :D
Big hugs and kisses!


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