Friday, September 30, 2011


There are a tun of things that you should get to make the most of your Fall season to make it the best that it can be...not only should you decorate with miniature pumpkins, browns, oranges and reds, scented candles, soaps and huge blankets BUT!!! 
You also need to have a little 'something something' in the background to get in the mood. ;) Huh? Huh??

Get your mind out of the gutter!!!


I am talking about movies people!
Every year around this time {especially in October} I have a bunch of movies that are played on rotation in the background - whether I am watching them or not, cooking or's on so that I can hear and it gets me in the Halloween'y and Fall spirit. :)
Here are some of my favorites. 

What are yours?


But wait wait wait! 
Let's not forget the awesome TV shows - the Halloween episodes, like Home Improvement, Family Matters or Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

And last but definitely not least! 
Another thing that reminds me of Halloween and all things Fall-isk!
Archie comics! ;)
LOOOVE the Halloween Archie comics...
Which reminds me, I gotta see if I can pick one up this year. 

What gets you guys in the mood for Halloween and all things Fall? 


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