Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Some eye candy for ya'll.

So I ended up having a rather good weekend! On Saturday I spent most of the morning cleaning up and then relaxed and unwound with a bath and got ready for my appointment with my dentist at 1pm to get this painful tooth figured out. Turns out it was a cavity! So they filled it. Was quick! And relatively painless, will have to go back in another 3 weeks to get some more work done and xrays.
Then Travis and I got some groceries and away we went to the house to get ready for the Leaf game. We watched some Dog Whisperer before that. It was a good night and the Leafs won against the Habs! HA! Than on Sunday we lazed about for the majority of the day before going out to get some groceries as Travis decided he was going to make a gourmet meal for us. 

He is going to be doing this every weekend. We are going to try something new and delicious more often. I am excited! So last night he made prosciutto di parma wrapped chicken stuffed with ricotta and spinach with oven roasted onion potatoes and a salad consisting of mixed greens, baby tomatoes and shallots. I will post the recipe up at some point {came from Rachel Ray} it was soooo freakin’ delicious! 
We watched Snow White and the Huntsmen, I really enjoyed that movie even though it was lengthy and we started to watch some Erin Brockovich but decided on going to bed early.

So it was an overall fabulous weekend!
Next weekend we should be doing much of the same. It is nice to have some time to unwind after a busy work week. Especially Travis, he works 6 days a week and he really prefers to just hang out at the house on his day off {Sunday} instead of going out and hanging with other people. Which is totally fine with me. Sunday’s are our days, including Lou’e of course.
Enough rambling {this is what I am good for on here} and here are some recent style hits.


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