Monday, April 15, 2013


The sweetest boys on Earth. <3 font="">

Okay, now where did I go? Welllll...if you have been listening to me all along you would know I want to the ever-gorgeous California to visit my Mom and Dad with Travi and Lou'e. 
I must say, two weeks is not enough time whatsoever. The time always goes by so very quickly and leaves me with heartache as I leave. I really love it at home where my parents are and California is just amazing in general. Which has led me to thoughts of actually moving there in the future. Believe it or not; King-Man even said he wouldn't mind moving there, as long as all our ducks are lined up in a row. :) 
The trip overall was fantastic. 
We didn't go sight-seeing or anything because we have seen everything around that area so we chilled at home for most of it. As well as in the backyard. Honestly, it was so much fun. Sitting out in the sun and reading all day ~ who wouldn't love doing that for two weeks straight? Of course there was some shopping that went on, delicious dinners, movie-watching, Game of Thrones, long baths, rainy days and many sunny ones. 
I really miss my Mom and Dad, they are two of the most amazing people ever. 
The flights were all awesome and Lou'e did amazingly on them. He also found a best friend and big "brudder" in Oskar. Lou'e followed him around everywhere and even picked up a few things that he did as well. Lol. 
It was honestly an amazing time and I wish it were longer, or I wish I lived there. Haha. 
So now it is back to the grind. As well as back to packing since we are moving in TWO WEEKS!!! The next little while is going to be uber hectic and probably overwhelming at times but I am very excited to start this exciting new chapter of ours. :) 
So there you go, a little update. There will be editorials and recipes heading your way. Style hits and the like so stay tuned. :) 



  1. I don't mind LA. From what I have seen anyways, but I looove Cali. :)
    Thanks for the comment! xx