Tuesday, April 23, 2013


You know what day it is today!?!!
That meeeeans...NEW MAGAZINE DAY!!
I have been in total magazine withdrawal...being on the trip, not finding the ones I want and packing and everything. I need something to read one of these nights to unwind with a big cup o'tea! 
Okay that is enough. 
Anyways! A little update with what is going on. Lots is going on. We have been packing and slowly getting ready for our big move which is one week from tomorrow. We are super excited. But there are lots of things we gotta do that are a tad overwhelming. We are grateful to the people that are helping us as well. :)
I have been also trying to get back into the groove of things as last week was the slowest week of life. It always is when you get back from vacation - and I sooooo miss California. 
I miss my parents and Oskar oodles. 
I plan on moving to Cali. ;) 
Other then that...blablabla...I just figured I would give you all an update that read daily. 
Now I go on my magazine websites to see who is on the cover for this month...

IFBB Bikini Pro Amanda Latona is on the latest issue of Oxygen's magazine cover. 

Blonde bombshell Jessica Paxson is on the cover of the latest Muscle & Fitness Hers.

Keri Russell; on the cover of Women's Health. Not sure what she has been doing lately that she is on the cover ~ I just haven't seen her in anything lately but I love WH mag so whatevs!

Miss Allison Sweeney on the cover of Shape.

I personally think Jewel is so very pretty and this cover is gorgeous. Would love to read the article on her in this months Health magazine.

The awesome Kelly Osbourne on the cover of Self. Would love to read the article on how she lost 70lbs and dealt with addiction and such crazy media scrutiny.

The cutie Isla Fisher on the cover of Fitness magazine. My Mom got me onto Fitness and Health mag and they are really chock-full of awesome information and fabulous photo's. :) 

Holy moly! I told you I was behind!!! 
Looking forward to getting my hands on these babies! 


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