Monday, April 29, 2013


Wow. It has been a crazy past few days. 
Travis and I have been packing like crazy the last few days and I have been studying like mad too. I have getting the hang of what I am learning which is a bonus...I guess I just need to focus more as the last course I did I was not paying attention because so much was going on. Or rather, is going on. 

I am so very excited for moving - just three days away! THREE!! Travis is quite excited as well. Huge beautiful big windows, lots of space, TWO bathrooms, TWO bedrooms! TWO WALK-IN CLOSETS!! Wow! I am excited for the walk-in closets as you can tell. ;) 

Today is Monday and it is a rainy Monday - we planned on picking up our key today and moving some stuff in but...rain! Like I it will be more packing. Wow, we did so much packing yesterday. I feel quite accomplished! is my life in the next few pictures. Thought I would share with you. :) 

Oh, and my birthday is coming up!! I almost totally forgot! Hahaha! 
Oh annnnd...I have been losing some weight as well which I am excited about. Slow and steady wins the race! I realize this now!! <3 font="" nbsp="">

My sweetness, pooped after a very busy day packing! <3 font="">

My most favourite thing in this apartment; the kitchen. <3 font="">

My new obsession; Tom Wlaschiha. 

A picture my Mom took of the cutest wittle Ossy! <3 font="">

This is our view from our balcony/living room. Love it!

My new artsy-fartsy avi. ;) Just because.

Space packing! Love the PicFx app my Sister told me about. ;) 

My life for the next few days and the past two weeks.

Clean eating!

Just one drawer of books that need to be packed!

Our new spacious living room!

I know this looks creepy but it is one of Lou'e's toys that he was flinging around and it landed in my dinner bowl! Thankfully I was pretty much done. Lol.



  1. janice smith newellMay 1, 2013 at 1:20 PM

    Hey I love this. Do you post lots of things on here. I will keep the link and pop over and see. Hey when is your birthday? Is there time to send a card? I love your pics. Well if you can still want to cook in your half packed kitchen you must be keen!!!!! I love your living room, so spacious. How many bedrooms do you have? The view is fabulous. I can just see you watching from your windows on a stormy night with the rain lashing down. I bet it will look beautiful in the snow as well. It's amazing isn't it how much we all accumulate over the years. I am a hoarder as I told you but my home is also full of traditional things. I have a welsh dresser in my dining room full of collectors teapots etc. A dinner service on display but two others in the cupboards underneath. I am also a collector of teddy bears ( limited edition) and have a big display cabinet with them in. I have another cabinet with drinking glasses etc. Also ceramic ones and some little ceramic cottages. I have a farmhouse table and chairs. I have a tall slim cabinet with 7 drawers and a tv cupboard with a tv on it. I also have a big blue and gold sofa in there as well. That is just my dining room I won't even start on the others. Like you I have every cookery book going. On every type of cooking you can do. Can't say I have actually used them all but I may!!!! There is something to be said for minimalists particularly when moving! Ha! Ha! Well my friend I shall leave you to it. Not long to go now. Just three more nights in your current place. You take care. Don't wear yourself out! Take a break when you need to. Speak later love to you and snuggles to little Lou'e xxxxxx

  2. Hey Janice! I am going to PM you as I don't think blogger notifies you if I write back!!

    But keep the comments comin! :P

    Lots of Love!!