Wednesday, May 01, 2013


I am beginning to run slightly ragged here. I am on the peak of actually passing out as I sit here writing this before work and am in dire need of some sort of food because my stomach will begin to feed on itself.
I am in a complete brain fog right now and am pretty damn sure that this post is going to be a lot of 'random ramblings' by the 'darling miss G'. 
Packing is packing...can't do anything about that except throw everything in a big box and lug it over to the new digs. Unpacking is going to be interesting to say the least. I will share with you some pros and cons of the new place. 
Let's begin with the cons...because I am a negative person and always think half glass...wait, it's all the way empty! (just kidding)
The windows are absolutely filthy. I can wash the inside of them; sure. But I can't very well hover in the air outside and clean them. I don't even think a ladder would reach them and I believe that is a hazard in itself and feel as if I would be fined for doing something so retarded on my own; then again I might get asked to clean other people's windows and I have a part-time job on the side. 
So I am really hoping - keeping my fingers mega-crossed - that some annual window washer extraordinaire is going to come in and wash all the windows from old man winters tarnished grime.
Wasted Space.
I am not going to sit on this topic too long because in the grand scheme of things the apartment is freakin' huge. But honestly, I don't need a grand entrance. The entrance in itself could be a room of it's own. Seriously. 
Small Bedrooms.
I am curious how we are going to fit our bedroom set into this new apartment. We may have to just throw the vanity in a separate room. 
Come to think of it, when we bought the bedroom set in the first place we didn't bother measuring anything, we just went with it! I am not sure if we just had a magical presage where we would know that it would fit into our current bedroom and the delivery guys would have to make due ~ now that would have been interesting. 
Either way. It is what it is. 
Ensuite Shower.
It's one of those showers where there is just a lip at a hotel. 
No bath tub...enough said. 
With that, thank God there is a tub in the apartment (the main bathroom unfortunately though) because I would have refused to move in if there wasn't one. 

Okay, now onto the proooo's! I can't be a complete debbie-downer about this entire thing...which it is easy for me to do because I am running on empty here and could pretty much eat 30 big Mac's right now.
Yea, I know..wait, what? I just complained about them! 
Only that they are dirty, but that is easily rectifiable. 
I *adore* my windows. They are HUGE. Like, freaking HUGE. And that is amazing to me. Living in a basement for five years and working in places that have no windows for the past 5 as well has had me in hermit mode for what feels like ages. When the weekends roll around I have a requirement of being outdoors. So this is going to be fantastic.
Walk-In Closets.
That is right...closet(S) with an SSSSS. TWO of them! 
I have always wanted a walk in closet and I get one! And it's biiiiig. And has it's own shelves! I am so excited. So maybe at the end of the day the vanity being in the other bedroom won't be so bad. :P
Okay, it's not a legit, log-cracklelackin' chimney type thing but it is still a damn fireplace! I could put it on and then go into an ambiance app and put the noise on and voila! 
Okay but seriously, it's a cutesy little fake does emit heat though. I will be excited to sit in front of it on a big-ass pillow with a book in the dead of Winter while it blusters about outside. How snug as a bug in a rug.
In-Suite Washer & Dryer.
I don't have to lug laundry back and forth and worry that someone is going to steal my underwear! Weee!!
Oh...and I don't have to carry a ziplock bag topfull of quarters. 
You can pretty much ask anyone. 
I get involved with my kitchens. Seriously. 
I *live* in my kitchen.
Even when I have had a crazy busy day and am a walking zombie in need of dire sleep I will still cook. I love to cook. I love cookbooks. Food Network. Kitchen appliances. Wooden spoons. Counter appliances. Fridges. Stainless steel. Pantry's. Oh my.
I love kitchens. 
When we move into our own big-ass house I am going to have a big-ass kitchen. 
Oh, and a big-ass bathtub too. 
But anyways. This kitchen is sooooo much bigger then what I am cooking in right now. So much and I have my own damn island too!! I am seriously excited. 
Oh! And I have a full-size fridge and a dishwasher!!! GAHHH!! I have a built-in pantry with shelves and 19 cupboards. NINETEEN! 
The sinks could be a bit bigger. Hahah. 
I have a built-in shelf for my microwave and the island has a HUGE space underneath where you can put whatever you want in there AND when I am standing there cooking I overlook the living room and the entire view of the river. Omg. I am in love. 
Like I said...I'm a bit of a fanatic.

Okay...I could keep going but I think that is enough for now. Don't want to bore people out of their minds. I just thought I would share a little more about our new place. I am really looking forward to it and will share more pictures as we go along. I know I sound like I just *bought* a house but regardless I am excited!! 
So that is that! 
I should probably post an editorial or something. So stay tuned for that. :) 



  1. janice newell smithMay 1, 2013 at 12:45 PM

    Wow Sandra. Now I feel like I am there with you. It sounds fantastic. You have an open plan kitchen/living room? You really do have HUGE windows, floor to ceiling. How do they open? Hope little Lou'e can't get near them. I see you have blinds. I remember seeing a contraption that you can fix on the outside but use it from the inside to clean windows. How high are you? I am sure if you pay a maintenance charge (they do over here) that that includes the outside of the building and communal hallways etc. You wouldn't be expected to do or pay for external maintenance yourself they must have someone who comes and does that. Do you have communal gardens, car park etc. The owners would have that done I'm sure. Well I'll be interested in seeing and hearing more my friend. Lots of love xxxxx

  2. Hello Janice. :)
    Yes, it is basically an open plan kitchen/living room. Which I am totally cool with. :) I will make sure to post more pictures as we move along. The windows are quite large but they open at the very bottom, that small tiny boxy looking thing. Grrr...oh well, at least we can open up the big balcony door and let fresh hair in. I don't know why they did that actually, maybe it's a safety thing?
    I am going to have to ask them about the window washing and hopefully they will be doing something. There isn't a communal garden or anything but there is a car park and there is also a nice trail just across the river. A tenant that resides there told us last night that we have the best spot to be able to watch fireworks and such so that is pretty cool! :)
    You will definitely be hearing more from me! And thanks for the lovely comment! Glad someone read it! :P Lol.


  3. Loved it!! I can't wait to come and visit you and see your place. I am sooooo excited for you guys!! Love you baby dragon! xoxoxoxo

  4. Love you Mommy!!!! xoxoxoxoxo