Thursday, May 23, 2013


Moooorning everyone! 
I have a bunch of recipes saved that I am going to share with you today. 
But before I do that, just wanted to say that I had a fabulous birthday yesterday and I am looking forward to even more fun festivities this coming weekend when Travis and I go to Toronto. 
I had gone to work where my boss and great friend treated me to a sushi lunch and a manicure. I was able to bring Lou'e so that was fab. 
The work day went by pretty quickly and I got a tun of birthday wishes. I got some great gifts (thanks Laura and Tricia!!) and spent it with my Lou. ;) 
When I got home, I just cleaned up a bit {so much cardboard!} and 'spruced' up. Travis got home with flowers and a sweet sweet card and we went out for dinner to Cafe 13 where we had a delicious dinner {I have to admit, I am seriously picky when I go out places to eat, there is hardly a time where I am in LOVE with the food; which reminds me, I must do a Yelp! review}.
Afterwards, we went home where we sat out on the balcony and played with Lou'e before relaxing in front of the tv and eventually passing out because we were so tired!
It was an overall fabulous day!
The last few weeks have been really good in general and I just wanted to share some pictures from the last couple of weeks. 
We honestly couldn't be happier in our new apartment, we are so glad we found this perfect place and got out of the basement! 
There is so much light in the mornings! And rain/thunderstorms are wicked to watch. 
We seriously love it. 

One of many resplendent sunsets from our balcony - the sunrises are gorgeous as well. The colours are brilliant and it  always puts you in a good mood.

Little hebebe, pooped after running around and playing fetch all evening.

Trav and Lou'e; enjoying the outdoors.

Finally, a proper bookshelf. Got this at Ikea over the weekend. All my cookbooks all nicely lined up in a row.

My gorgeous bday flowers from Travis. <3 :="" and="" course="" e="" font="" lou="" of="">

LouLou, always watching the geese. :)

Mine and Tricia's sushi bday lunch!

Our crockpot creation. :) Yummy turkey!

Our delicious dinner at Cafe13.

Recipes heading your way, stay tuned. :)


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