Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Apparently curry day didn't happy yesterday! Lol! Oops! But it's another new day. Oh and...
Happy Birthday To Me!!!
Another year. ;) I have turned 27 and it's getting ever closer to the dreaded 30! Lol. 
I have received a slew of birthday wishes so far today that has made my day. And a bunch of text messages from loved ones as well. 
I think I might lay low tonight...meaning, I am going to get home after work and do a little more unpacking and cleaning up, I still have yet to bath Lou'e then I will wait for Travis to finish work and we will go to a little restaurant in the new city we are living in, afterwards we will come back home, play with Lou'e, sit outside on the balcony, chat and have some wine and hopefully there will be a few thunderboomers! 
How I love thunderstorms. :) 
Then this weekend, Travis and my Sister have something planned so we shall see what that is! Whatever it is, I am sure it is going to be fabulous!

Going to post some pretty sugar-jar pictures to inspire and put a little sparkle into everyone's day. :) 


{I do not own these images; just sharing their prettiness.}

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