Thursday, May 02, 2013


So my parents have surprised me with a little housewarming gift for our new apartment. 
It is a slower cooker! :))
I have been looking around and prodding people if they use theirs because I just really wanted one!
I got hooked and wanted one ever since I was in California the other year and my Mom cooked up a delicious turkey breast for dinner in the crock-pot  I also like the idea and convenience of throwing everything into it in the morning and coming home to a dinner that is already made. 
I don't know the first thing about slow cookers though, or recipes for that matter ~ of course the world wide web is filled with recipes but you know me, I am a book worm and like my books and so I perused Amazon (so cheap!) and stumbled onto a slow cooker recipe book that has positive reviews and then I spiraled out of control and found more cookbooks that I want to get my greedy hands on. Ha ha. 
Honestly, looking at cookbooks right now is the only thing that is keeping me sane because of how stressful everything else is at the moment. There is something about cookbooks ~ the stories behind the food, fresh ingredients, the author itself ~ for me, it is sort of like reading a novel. I can get totally lost in a cookbook and will read it from cover to cover believe it or not. Some of my favourite cookbooks are by Sophie Dahl or Candice Kumai and not because of the recipes necessarily, but the way they explain food. Their take on it.
Ultimately, once I am done school I would love to write and publish my own cookbook. :) 
Food is my forte. It is a passion. I just love it.
So here are a few cookbooks that are out that have cajoled me and I must get my hands on.

Cooking Light Slow-Cooker Tonight: 140 Delicious Weeknight Recipes That Practically Cook Themselves by Editors of Cooking Light - $14.40 CAD
I really love the Cooking Light cookbooks, they are chock-full of recipes that are relatively simple, delicious and full of flavour. So when I saw that CL had a slow-cooker cookbook I knew I had to throw that badboy in my wish list. The CL cookbooks also have gorgeous full colour photo's beside every recipe, and you know me, I love my full colour food pics. ;) 

Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast 24/7: 5 Ingredient, 14 Minute Recipes by Cooking Light - $17.53 CAD
Since I was looking through the CL cookbooks I stumbled upon this one. I am really trying to eat a lot healthier and cook healthy food for Travis and I. When we move into our new place I believe it is us starting a new chapter in our lives. I really want to make good quality, natural, delicious food that is good for us. And ones that are quick to make!  So I found this awesome book. Who wouldn't love dinner on the table in 15 minutes? 

Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun by Daphne Oz - $17.99 CAD
I saw this book a few weeks ago and had no idea that this was Dr. Oz's daughter. I really like books (especially cookery ones!) where I can relate to the author in some way. Daphne Oz was an overweight college student and now a lifestyle guru (which I would love to be one day) and in her book 'offers simple, practical and personal advice to help you live a better life'. Who doesn't want that?? This is what I am working towards and I love how the book has large full colour images. I think this is going to be one of my favourites, like Candice Kumai's or Sophie Dahl's books.

Homemade: Irresistible Homemade Recipes for Every Occasion by Clodagh McKenna - $16.89 CAD
An Irish lass! Saw this book and looked through it and it's another one with gorgeous photo's and fantastic recipes. Since we are getting our own place I want to be a great hostess as well as host my own dinner parties and holiday get togethers and I think this book would be great as there are tips and tricks (and recipes) for every occasion (as the book indicates!). So definitely one I would love to have on my cookbook shelf. :))

The Little Paris Kitchen: 120 Simple But Classic French Recipes by Rachel Khoo - $24.45 CAD
She is touted as the next Nigella Lawson and who doesn't want to live the dream in Paris? This cookbook is full of gorgeous images and fancy, delicious French cooking made simple. I hope they come out with an Italian version. :P This cookbook definitely evokes a romantic and whimsical take on cooking. 

Clodagh's Kitchen Diaries: Delicious Recipes Throughout the Year by Clodagh McKenna - $17.52 CAD
I literally stumbled upon this cookbook - another one by Clodagh, when I looked through it my mouth immediately began to water. The images are gorgeous and look absolutely delicious and it's another take on a whimsical, girly cookbook that looks amazing!

There you have it! Some fantastic cookbooks!


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