Friday, May 17, 2013


This is an old post...just decided to put it up. 
I know this is going to sound horrible...well, not really, but the red carpet for the SAG awards was just plain old boooooring. Honestly, there were no WOW moments with regards to the gowns that were on display on these gorgeous celebrities. I mean, everything was totally safe...there were no risk-takers during this award ceremony. Don't get me wrong, everyone looked lovely...beautiful...put together, but again, there was no wow-factor there that I was looking forward to. I just hope that this doesn't happen at the Oscars!
And apparently J.Law had a "wardrobe malfunction" that ended up just being a tier in her dress that when hiked up exposed a sheer lining that was momentarily revealed. She looked a little panicked though when you see her face as she took to the stairs...but who knows. Either way, I love Jennifer. I just wish she chose a different dress! Oh well.

Let's pick some of these gowns apart. :P


Let's start off with my least favorite out of all of them, if I had to pick. 
Actually it's a tie between a few...I didn't really like Anne Hathaway's look...I feel like she is trying to vibe off of Audrey Hepburn and you just can't do it...unless maybe you're Natalie Portman, but that's beside the point. Juliana Margulies took a little risk in this dress, in the fact that it was just...sorta off looking.
Lea Michele looks like she is going to her highschool prom. 
And Sofia Vergara? I just think it's wrong on her. Looks awkward in my opinion. Who knows, maybe these gowns would look totally different on different celebs. 
Helen Hunt looks good once again but I don't think that her dress is really age appropriate in my opinion, but again, if you got the bod, then flaunt it and she definitely does. 
Claire Danes looks lovely in her custom Givenchy gown but maybe slightly too gothy? Hmm...maybe not. 
Jane Krakowski? That colour looks gorgeous on her, I just LOVE that colour!
Julie Bowen is probably the only one that got a bit gutsy for the red carpet and was decked out in leather. Lookin' hawt. 
Jessica Chastain looks FLAWLESS.


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