Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In The Kitchen...

This weekend flew by. Then again, every weekend seems to fly by. But the long weekends, man oh man. And what a great weekend it was too! It was very busy with lots to do, lots of unpacking and cleaning but we managed and we are almost completely done with the entire move into the apartment. 
Lou'e was a bit stressed out this weekend, acting slightly odd and throwing up but he seems to be okay now, my little guy. 
On Sunday we went to Ikea to pick up a shelf and believe it or not, we actually just picked up a shelf! Lol. It was a tad hard going through and not picking up every single thing you remotely wanted, but we managed. :P 
Just ran a bunch of other errands as well...had some Game of Thrones marathoning going on. 
Oh, used my slow cooker for the first time! 
I *love* that thing!!
It honestly is amazing. My Mom helped me out with the recipe, but I threw a turkey breast in there with some carrots and onions, garlic and butter, some water and threw it on high for 6 hours and voila! A delicious turkey dinner! Next time I will throw potatoes in there so it's a one pot meal...we made some gravy along with it, which the boyfriend ended up saving because I really almost fudged that one up and some oven roasted potatoes which are to die for. A recipe my Mom gave me, omg, so gooooood. 
Anyways, it was a delicious feast of food! 
Oh and we ended up popping the breast into the oven for 20 minutes or so to crisp up the skin. :) 
Yummm....definitely going to be using that slowcooker A LOT. So expect a lot more recipes on here that involve one. 
I think the next recipe I am going to try is a curry one {Travis is NOT going to like this one as we are trying to get a very strong curry smell out of the apartment}. I found a bunch on a few sites and will share them with you today. 

Slow Cooked Chicken Curry
Life is busy, and there's nothing nicer than coming home to the smell of dinner already cooked. Just slice some cucumber or cook some rice to finish off the meal. It's great for lunch the next day too. 
Serves: 4 // Prep Time: 5 min // Cook time: 4-6 hours

4 bone-in chicken breasts
1 can low-fat coconut milk
1 tablespoon curry paste
3/4 cup dried lentils or mung beans
1-1/2 cups Korma sauce
Naan or pitas

Place chicken breasts, coconut milk, curry paste, lentils or mung beans and korma sauce into your slow cooker. Turn slow cooker on low and dinner will be ready in 4-6 hours. Portion into bowls and serve with naan or pita. 

So this dish has 483 calories per servings, a little high in the fat rage (23 g) but regardless...I want to try this dish. Now there isn't very much in way of spices that are added to this so I think I would add a little more to make it a little spicier. 
I would probably serve this over basmati rice as well instead of the naan bread. 
Either way, this is just one recipe of many to be posted.
It is curry day! Lol. :P


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