Thursday, May 16, 2013


I planned on doing something this May 2-4 weekend {for those of you that don't know, May 2-4 is a long weekend in Canada - Victoria Day - don't ask me what it is about exactly because I don't google it. Or rather, here is a link. ;)}. Anyways, I planned on doing something this long weekend but there has been way too much going on the past few months that nothing concrete was planned. Of course I had initially planned on booking a campsite with some friends but that didn't go down as it was too far in advance with regards to planning {January, ha ha} and now that I think of it, it was probably a good idea not to have planned anything as it is crazy busy around these parts. There is still so much to do with the apartment {*lots*} and I have so much catching up to do with school. So this weekend is going to be spent doing tunz of unpacking and cleaning!!! AGAIN!! But we plan on having it ALL done by next week. :) 
Oh and then next Wednesday is my birthday! I turn 27! Wow, I am totes getting old. We do plan on going for a nice dinner so I am looking forward to that. I love going out for dindins. 
Oh and I got my cast-iron skillet from Kev as a birthday present {THANK YOU KEVIN!!!} so I am soooo excited to use that this weekend as well. Making fritatta's and all that stuff. ;) I do want to try the cornbread recipe as well. 
So that is pretty much it for my rambling right now. Just keeping you up to date as to the goings on of my life. Lol. 

Here is an edit for you. :)

Branislav Simoncik photographs Zuzana Gregorova for Maxima Portugal.


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