Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A little bit of random rambling going on here today in this post. I just wanted to share some pictures that I have taken over the past few weeks. :)
I really need to take more pics as well...

I got these lovely roses from Travis a couple weekends ago. Love the colours. So summery and cute. :)

Lou'e has a new obsession! And that is pea's! He is crazy for them. So everyday I give him some...and there is his kibble, thrown about around his bowl. Lol.

These are my daily staples. Need to wear most of these every day. 

My little man, giving us a little smile. <3 td="">

Lou'e is loving his walks lately. Especially running around in the grass. Here he is in a park across from where we live. 

Travis' dinner at the Keg on Saturday night. I just realized he only had ONE piece of pepper and 2 asparagus? Really? Lol. At least I shared mine with him. ;) 

My first time eating fresh lobster. Was sooo delicious. Mouth is watering just looking at this pic. Breaking those claws apart was a little tricky!

I had to drag Travis out for a walk after dinner from the Keg with Lou'e and I. We have some pretty scenic areas in our park. 

Lou'e. Totally pooped after the weekend we had. 


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