Monday, July 22, 2013


Before I begin anything, I would just like to say that I made the lighter sesame seed chicken on Friday night and it was *to die for*! Seriously...some of the best chicken I have tasted. My boyfriend even said that he could just sit down to a huge bowl of that chicken. It was delicious and the sauce that accompanied it was awesome. I am really considering maybe it again. To make it a little healthier I might opt out on the rice and make quinoa with it instead and add a lot more veggies. It was just awesome. 
I did stray a tiny bit from the recipe...instead of using the egg whites and corn starch I used two eggs and added a bit of water to it. Whisked it up. Then instead of dredging it in the corn starch I decided on flour. Will definitely keep doing it that way. Was such an awesome meal.
You guys should definitely give that recipe a try. 
Tonight I will make a shrimp and mushroom recipe with sweet potatoes. 

On another note, the weekend {once again} went by too fast. Saturday was a lazy bum kinda day and I took hebebe {my nickname for Lou'e} to the groomers where he came out looking fabulous! Definitely will be returning to this groomer. 
Then we went for a little birthday shindig for my boyfriend's brother and stayed for a few hours. Sunday, we slept in a bit...ran some errands and cleaned like mad for the better part of the afternoon and prepped lunches for the week. 
The rest of the night was spent relaxing, watching some TV. 

Now it's back to the grind! 
I am beginning to read Eat to Lose, Eat to Win by Rachel Beller. I will keep you posted on this book as I get further into it. 
I also read the fifth Game of Thrones book and seriously, things are about to get a little crazy in the upcoming seasons for those of you who didn't read the books. 

Anyways, happy MONday everyone! :)


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