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Haven't done a posting of an interview with a fitness hottie so here we have another one! It has also come to my attention that I have posted nothing but blondie fitness women...I need to change that - as I am a brunette as well - and will find more girlies that everyone could relate to. ;) If that even matters!
Here is another FitnessRx Women interview with the lovely Hannah Cornett.
I also gotta mention - I do have a brunette fitness babe that I could post up on here soon; the lovely {and my favorite} Ava Cowan! 
A super close friend of mine managed to find a copy of FitnessRx April 2010 issue on ebay for me with her on the cover! I have yet to read the interview but as soon as I do, I will totally share with all you guys. 
Enjoy this interview for now though. :)

Inside Hanna Cornetts December 2008 Cover Photo Shoot and Interview!
-written by Shoshana Pritzker-

The December 2008 Cover model Hannah Cornett is more than meets the eye when it comes to the stereotypical California blonde bombshell. One thing is for certain, the only stereotype Hanna exudes is her gorgeous face and long flowing hair. She's actually a REAL person who is humble and down-to-earth; not to mention, she's definitely got an adventurous side, to say the least! That being said, I wanted to know the real stuff. The things that people can relate to and apply to their own lives. I mean, how many people are Pro Xterra Triathletes AND avid surfers who also lead a double life as a movie star and producer?

Hannah's Gym Bag Essentials
My gym bag is quite similar in appearance as the trunk of my car. I've got a second set of everything in there! On any given day there's makeup...hairdryer...swimsuit...smelly shoes...towels...everything and anything that I might need throughout the day. With so many different forms of exercise comes so many different kinds of gear and a girl's got to be prepared!

Favorite Things to Snack On
At the moment it's trail mix, almonds, Goji berries, power bars. My car is full of trail mix wrappers. It's terrible, opening the door and wrappers are falling out. Totally embarrassing!

What do you wash your face with?
Most products on the market tend to dry out my skin. I opt for the basics, Witch Hazel.

What values do you look for in a guy?
Humor! That's huge for me. People take themselves way too seriously and it's a buzz kill.

Boxers or Briefs?

Skinny Dipping...Yay or Nay?
YAY!! This is a signature move for me. When traveling with a group of friends I make it a point to skinny dip in a foreign country!

What peaked your interest in Xtreme Triathlons rather than your basic road triathlons? 
Well, I started out on road triathlons and quickly got bored. Switching to the Xtreme end of the sport was the best move I could've made. The sport is growing with about 30 million amateur competitors and about 20 pros on the 2008 tour. Actually, the Pro tour ends with our final race in Hawaii. Check out the results at

Are you a fan of sport beverages? Which ones do you drink?
I will typically go for either plain water or those new Propel H2O packets that you add to a jug of water. Most other drinks on the market are too high in sugar and sodium. Regardless of how much training I am doing, I still tend to watch the foods I eat {and drink}. 

Hannah's Travel Tips
1. Drink a tun of water.

2. Stay away from alcohol on your flight. I took a trip from LA to South Africa, drank to try and fall asleep. Big mistake! By the time I arrived I was a disaster, completely drunk. It was brutal!

3. Use anti-bacterial cleansers on everything! I put this stuff on the armrests, tray tables, lavatory handles; use it to wipe down the seats and windows, etc. Airplanes are such dirty places!

4. Bring comfort items. These days airlines are charging for a pillow and blanket. It's best to always bring your own. The Brookstone fuzzy travel pack is totally awesome!

Hannah's Turning Green
First of all, I drive a hybrid car. How much more green can you get? Ok, I agree...there are a ton of other things I do to help reduce my carbon footprint. I reduce, reuse and recycle almost everything! I also purchase biodegradable items when available. 

If you could be any Super Hero, which one would you be?
The Silver Surfer from Fantastic 4!! I'd love to be able to surf anywhere...THAT is my ultimate dream!


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