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Hello everyone!
I've noticed that I don't share too many personal things about myself - what I buy, what I do, pictures and all that jazz, so I decided do a little blog post on recent purchases that I have made. :) It's not terribly personal, but it's personal enough at the moment. Lol. 
And I will definitely give you my opinions on some of the things that I have gotten. 
I love to buy stuff - what girl doesn't?! Seriously. Spending money can be quite fun at times. :) 
A lot of the times too after I make some major purchases I just keep it in the box/bag for a few days before taking it out - crazy I know. 
Some people need to take things out and use 'em right away! I like to let it stew for a bit. Lol. 
Anyways...let's just get on with it, shall we?

1. Dyson!

That is right! Not too long ago my boyfriend and I purchased a Dyson. We really needed a new vacuum and we couldn't have asked for a better one. This thing is amaaazing! It picks up SO much it's pretty incredible.
We got the "animal" model since we have a big fluffy white cat that really likes to shed a lot. ;)
We spent a hefty amount on this bad boy, but it was seriously worth every penny. 

2. Books!

I absolutely love to read and love books.
I can be found perusing Amazon's website 24/7 and they have the best discounts on all of their products, it's quite unbelievable how much of a deal you can get - especially on books.
I recently purchased a bunch of books and some that were given to me by my Mom and Sister - they highly recommend the books "The Hunger Games" so I am going to begin read that soon. I recently finished a book by Dean Koontz - one of my favorite authors. Other great authors are Stephen King and Harlan Coben. Those guys are also my fave.
I get so many books I still have a bunch to read! So I need to put the ordering on hold for a while until I catch up. ;) 

3. Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis!

I am always willing to try something new with regards to fitness and eating habits, as I seriously need to step my game up and start leading a healthier lifestyle then I have been.
I have been Tracy Anderon's previous DVDs and for some reason wasn't all that interested, but lately something just caught my eye and I also appreciated that she has 4 different sets of DVDs for a specific body type {I am omnicentric - I gain weight all over and not just in one specific spot}.
I watched some of the workouts and they actually look like fun! I am not sure how I am going to keep up with the dance cardio but I sure as heck am going to try. Good music too! :)
Hey - Shakira, Gisele, Gwyneth and all those celebs are doing it and they have crazy bodies so I am definitely going to give this a shot as well. :) 

4. Dip Station!

This is a pic of my favorite bodyrocker - the one who started it all {along with Freddy} Zuzana Light. This is her on her dip station and after seeing some of her workouts {which can be found on} I knew I had to get a dipstation. Here she is doing a reverse push-up. You can do many workouts with a dipstation and it strengthens certain areas of the bod - such as shoulders and arms with this workout move. You can find this dipstation at Ultimate Body Press's website. It goes for about $80. Which isn't too bad I gotta say. Make sure to check the Bodyrock website as well, it's pretty kick-ass. 

5. Rims!

My boyfriend owns a BMW - he has owned many cars while we have been dating and this one is definitely his baby. He loves it...A LOT. Lol. So we recently made the purchase - or rather, he did - of new tires and rims. Which is good as well because he works at a tire and rim shop so he know's what's new and instyle with regards to fancying up your vehicle.
These rims look pretty nice on our {or as he say's - his} white BMW.
If you want to spruce up a car that you have, then rims are definitely a way to go. :)

6. Blazer!

You can ask anyone - I am an avid blazer lover and collector...although I have lost a blazer or two {unfortunately} I usually get my basic black or navy ones. But this one...ahh, I saw it and HAD to have it! It's actually called the "Girlfriend Jacket" and it comes in a gorgeously rich red colour from Dynamite for $42.90 CAN.
I instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to have it.
Gorgeous blazer. 

7. Polish Chocolates! {& more goodies!!}

My family recently came back from a month-long trip in Poland - I unfortunately couldn't go because of work and wish that I could have...they brought back a tun of goodies. Gorgeous gypsy-esque scarves, little dolls, jewelry, cooking utensils, soups, you name it!
And of course, you cannot leave Europe without some chocolates.
So my Grandfather packed up a rather large bag of Polish chocolates. They are seriously amazing. Some of the best chocolates I have ever had and I am not a huge chocolate fan. :)
You guys should definitely give Polish chocolates a try if you ever end up near a Polish store or bakery. 

8. Spa Day!

Recently my boyfriend got me quite the hefty gift certificate for a spa day. He is the bestest boyfriend e.v.e.r!
So I am quite excited to go for my spa day...not only that, but he didn't just get one, he got TWO - one for me and a friend so that I would have to go at it alone. :) Ultimately it would have been great if he went with me, but he's a typical guys guy and definitely won't go. Lol.
I will be getting the full on spa treatment, hair, mani, pedi, everything! :)
Once I go I will make sure to tell you all about it. Not sure if I will go before my California trip or after but I will be sure to keep you all posted. :)

And there you have it guys! Some of my latest purchases! This was actually kinda fun! :)


{Images: Taken From Google Images or Amazon}

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