Friday, August 12, 2011


Back in high school I had this great friend...well, we were best friends...we were pretty much inseparable. We did everything together and had so much in common. We had the same taste in music, clothes, art, movies, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.
Unfortunately we had quite the falling out once...tried to patch things up but things never worked out. I guess we also just grew apart...things like that happen...I am sure our tastes have stayed very much the same but our own growth has spun a web of new interests as well. We don't talk too all. But I am okay with that. We had our good times {and our bad} and those are memories that we will both cherish - I think anyways. 

The things we loved were everything light, dainty, airy, faerie, mystical, mythological, magickal and plain beautiful {yes I spelled fairy - faerie and magical - magickal}. 
We loved Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Mediaeval Baebes, castles, princes and princesses, faeries, elves, witches and the like. We loved to draw and we drew these most of the time...we would spend hours in one another bedrooms, listening to the Baebes, Enya, Enigma or Delerium and draw-draw-draw...
And we also went to the corner store and bought $40 worth of junk food and pigged out and did other girly things. Lol.
But anyways...I came across these pictures on the FashionGoneRogue website and it just reminded me of us. 
Not too sure why as it isn't the most mystical of editorials...but you get the airy-faerie vibe from it. 
When growing up and going through puberty and dating boys and whatnot you need those special moments whilst growing up where you can lock yourself away in your room, listen to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, read a book by OR Melling and immerse yourself in a different world. Oh yes, and I did write tunz of little stories about princes and princesses. :) Anyways, here is the model Mackenzie Drazan by Thom Kerr for Fashion Gone Rogue for our photo{s} of the day.


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