Monday, August 22, 2011


Hello hello!
Another glorious weekend has come and gone...had a few thunderboomers on Saturday and only a little bit of rain on Sunday but other then that it was nice and relaxing. :) 
There were lots of errands that had to be run and I was going to save a kitten as well that was hiding out with other kittens and it's Mommy {this kitten appeared to be quite ill} behind my boyfriends work but by the time I got to it...well, unfortunately the little dear went to kitty heaven. So that put quite a damper on my weekend, that's for sure. 
Another cat there is pregnant, so I am planning on saving those ones soon enough.
It's always very very sad when a little one like that passes away. I am unsure though if it passed because of health issues or a night predator - such as a racoon - got to it. 
Either way, I am thinking of the little kittons...I named her Isolde - at least I think it was a girl...either way. She will always have a little spot in my heart. 
Other then that, we watched movies and Drop Dead Diva {woohoo!} and TV shows, ate pizza and popcorn and just had a good time. 
This next weekend is going to be our weekend before our vacation so we definitely have to start packing and getting ready for our trip to Cali which we are super stoked about! We are going to be landing there at noon so we will have the afternoon and evening to ourselves there. :) I am quite excited! The first day I am sure we are going to just laze about at home or go for a walk. It's going to be grande! :D
Anyways...two more work weeks to go anyways. 
I am quite tired today and tomorrow the new season of Gossip Girl is coming out! I don't watch it on TV - I wait and wait until it comes out on DVD and then have a huge marathon! My boyfriend initially hates it in the beginning but then gets quite into it. :D Lol.

Anyways - enough rambling on my part. Will do the usual and post as much as I can for you lovelies. :) 

This is our photo of the day. :) Very moody, ominous and just plain gorgeous. 

Daphne Groeneveld & Pascal Greggory by Peter Lindbergh for Numéro September 2011.


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