Thursday, March 07, 2013


Watching Tuesday's episode of RHOV was a bit difficult for me. Honestly, watching these women bully one another hits a little close to home. It reminds me of when I was in high school and I was singled out amongst my friends and bullied myself. It's insane what Slice condones on this show sometimes. I can imagine that it only gets worse according to the previews where in a future episode Jody ends up calling Mary a "whore". But anyways, one episode at a time. I will give my two cents at the end. 

Episode 5
"High Notes & Low Blows"

Funny how Kyle doesn't look fazed at all.

Too much botox, Ronnie? I can't tell if she is surprised, concerned, confused, or what.

We begin where we left off last episode...where Jody is about to dig a bit deeper and stick it to Mary as hard as she can ~ Mary waves it off and says that she really doesn't want to discuss what happened before Ronnie got there as it is Amanda's birthday and they should enjoy it for her. Jody agrees with Mary, but not before saying that it bothers her that Mary is talking with food in her mouth. Ho hummmm.
One of Amanda's many weirdo faces.
You can tell this dinner is awfully awkward, especially for Mary, and at this point she is looking for any possible out she can get. How convenient then that she gets a call from her best friend Mashiah Vaughn about her son and something happening with his foot. She misinterprets the call and thinks that her friends son's food was run over by a car and she has to leave the dinner to see her. 

Ioulia calling Mashiah.

But hold up, Ioulia says that she too is friends with Mashiah and is concerned so she calls her where she eventually hangs up and simply states that no foot was ran over. 
The housewives try to get in on Mary now asking her why she lied, Ioulia stands up for Mary {you go girl!} and says that it was obviously some form of misscommunication. 
Mary receives another phone call where someone says that there are 20 teenagers at her apartment and she needs to leave "pronto". She says her goodbyes and leaves. 
Everyone starts talking about Mary and Amanda tells Ronnie that Mary said that she got in between Jody and her. Ronnie looks pissed and excuses herself to go to the washroom but not before spotting Mary in the restaurant next door with some people on the way back {hmm, wonder how she "spotted" them}. She goes back to the table and tells everyone where Mary is, everyone is definitely talking about her now and asking why she would even lie.
Mary, waiting around for her car...or something.

Before going on, Mary has stated on her Twitter and Facebook accounts that she was waiting for her car and the crew also was trying to convince her to stay where they got her in snippets waiting around and chatting with some people she knew. It's all in the editing people. She didn't necessarily lie...but at the same time, I would have done the same damn thing if I was a dinner surrounded by piranha's. 


Robin thinks Mary should own up to the fact that she did tell a "white lie". 

Robin goes over to visit Mary and see wtf is going on. They sit down and chat about what transpired the night before where Mary offers the word "roast". Everyone basically roasted and gossiped about Mary after she left and Robin tells her that she technically did it to herself. Robin thinks that Mary needs to own up to the fact that she did in fact tell a "white lie" and to just say it and be done with it. Mary sticks to her guns and says she didn't lie.
Mary sticks to her guns.

Mary's exact response:
"I left, what happens is I got distracted, I talked to the kids, it wasn't a dire emergency and I got sidetracked for a minute with some people that I knew, and I really was...tense and I needed to unwind."


Cole's the pro but Robin was calling the shots.

Cole Armour {the kid singer in last weeks episode} goes over to Robin's house with his Dad where they both rehearse with the little time that they have. Robin is definitely a perfectionist and a bit of a control freak as you can tell by this scene. 
Honestly, watching Robin get ready for her signing of the US National anthem is quite boring and I am glad it's soon going to be over and done with


The ladies chat it up while waiting for Ronnie and Robin.

Ioulia's apartment is gorrrrgeous.

Ioulia decides to have a bit of an "art" party and invites all the girls. They begin by sitting around and chatting it up where Amanda asks Ioulia about her step-children and honestly, Ioulia doesn't have a clue where any of them are. She says she isn't their mother, how would she know? This made me laugh, but you should have seen the faces on the other wives. 
Mary isn't at this party, she is shooting her music video for her hit single "Hero" that she wrote for her son Chase. She mentioned she would have loved to be a part of it {yea right} but obviously can't. 

At Ioulia's art party, a man wearing only underwear comes out where the ladies have to sketch him, at one point he comes out with a rainbow coloured tube sock on his peepee and the wives have fits of giggles like school girls. Ronnie then says "I think we've all noticed tonight that when Mary's not around, there's a lot less drama."
And I am sure that if you weren't there Ronnie, and neither was Jody and Mary was, that there would be a lot less drama also. 
You're calling the kettle black there, baby. 

Spread 'em!


Mia comes over to Jody's where Jody shares with her satan-like daughter that she has been asked to appear as a judge on Top Chef Canada and will have to go to Toronto for the taping of the show. She is going to invite some of the ladies to join her there. Mia is terrible excited for her Mom and is jumping up and down on the couch. I am surprised she didn't pull a Tom Cruise and what the hell is with her smile and the way her mouth is always open, are her teeth too big or something?? I am sure she will have some sort of surgery to fix that. She is like, 20-something and already got her nose done...I am sure a tad more nippage and tuckage is on it's way.

Everyone applauding Robin on her performance. 

 We are now at the grand prix event where Mary and Robin arrive together along with Mary's close friend Mashiah Vaughn {who is uber pretty btw} and Amanda, Jody, Ronnie and Ioulia arrive in their own limo. 
Mary sings the Canadian national anthem and of course it's good, she's a professional singer after all and then it is Cole's and Robin's turn and it isn't that bad. After the performances, everyone is all over Robin telling her how good she was and no one really says a damn thing to Mary and you can tell that she feels seriously left out. 

It's obvious Mary feels utterly left out. 

Mashiah explains the misscommunication between her and Mary over the phone at Amanda's birthday dinner.

Ronnie thinks this all was totally rehearsed.

The girls sit down to eat where Amanda interrupts and asks Mashiah what happened with the phone call during her birthday that was at the beginning of the episode. Mashiah exclaims "that was your birthday??" and she then goes on to tell everyone that it was obviously miscommunication on Mary's part. Ronnie starts clapping, thinking that the entire thing was set up and rehearsed, Mashiah basically tells her to shut up {good for her}. 
I also notice in this scene that Ronnie ~ even though she says she isn't drinking ~ is actually drinking. Hm. Odd Ronnie. 
That is obviously a glass of wine in your hand. 



Obviously there are some commercial breaks between all of this. The event takes up, like, 15 minutes. 
Anyways, Jody takes Ronnie off to the side and asks her to ask Robin about coming to Toronto with all of them, sans Mary of course, for the Top Chef taping. 
Ronnie agrees to do it and asks Robin, she obviously accepts and feels like she is becoming more a part of the group. 

When Mary asks Robin a little later on what she was doing that coming weekend Robin mentions Toronto and Mary does a double-take. 
Mary thinks she had an ally in Robin and now all the ladies are going away together minus her. That must have been a tough pill to swallow. 

Of course this all sets up next week's episode where you can see in the preview that Mary decides to show up as well in Toronto to hang out with the gals. 
Obviously not with Ronnie or Jody. 

My Two Cents. like I said, this episode was hard to watch because of all the bullying that was going on. It was awkward to watch Mary in the beginning as well but it is evident that she really just wanted to get out of that dinner and I don't blame her. 
Ronnie isn't drinking? But she is seen with wine...again, weird, but whatever. 
Amanda's facial expressions really bother me sometimes. I mean, when she makes her pinched up face look I am surprised that someone as good looking as Kyle finds her attractive and I am sure she was amping to jump on that male nude model at Ioulia's party since apparently she is a self-proclaimed "sex addict". 
I don't know, I guess we will see what next episode brings. I see Amanda and Ioulia get into it and it is refreshing to finally see someone other than Ronnie, Jody and Mary getting into a tiff. I hope Ioulia kicks Amanda's ass. 
Til next time!



  1. Is this the first Housewives series to hit Canada? OR do you see all of ours?! Calling another girl a whore is only the tip of the iceberg here. Ish gets cray.

  2. Hey Kristen,

    This is the first housewives show that is filmed in Canada but we have all the US shows here in Canada too.

    Yes, this really is only the tip. And honestly, these women are some of the most viscous I have seen in the Housewives franchise.