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Okay, I owe you guys a recap of the RHOV season 2 episode 3 called "Second Chances and Second Thoughts". Not sure where the title came from but whatever. 
I wrote this last week but never posted here it is. 

Alrighty! The next episode in RHOV! 

We start off the show with Robin, Jody and Amanda going to some sort of botoxy-like clinic...but this place takes blood from your arm and injects it into your own face {gross}. 
Vampire facelift they call it? Weird. 
Anyways, they start talking about what happened the other night at the restaurant...Jody was saying how you don't scream at someone across the may come to a disagreement but not to the point where you want to hurt someone. Robin calls Jody out on her $hit and says "well you're mean to Mary"...Jody gives Robin the evil glare. It is kinda scary actually...
Amanda starts talking about her birthday party and how she is going to invite Ronnie. Robin asks Jody if she is bringing anyone; she is bringing Mia. Robin asks how that's going to work out with Mary being there. Amanda pipes in; who said Mary was invited? 

The next bit is Amanda getting her blood injected into her face. Kinda gross...but they made it seem worse than it was. Borrrring.


Ronnie had no idea that Mia and Amanda are best friends.

Robin, Mary and Ronnie decide to meet for lunch where Robin tells Ronnie that Jody and Amanda were basically talking about her behind her back {drama!} and Ronnie is pissed. She also didn't know that Amanda and Mia are best friends. 
Robin asks Ronnie if she had heard from Amanda and Ronnie says she received a text asking to meet for dinner but she doesn't know now whether she will go or not.


We are at Jody's...condo? And this scene sorta feels staged as her son Joshua is going away for University at Ryerson in Toronto. She is bawling her eyes out in this scene...well, it looks like it since her entire face is soaked...but was sweet when he said that she was his idol.
So yea, Jody is sad her son is going away for school. 


Mary asks Amanda out for coffee since she feels bad for leaving abruptly at the dinner. They begin talk about what is little of their friendship and how Mary doesn't want Jody to get in between them. Amanda looks a little standoffish...and I just don't see them being friends. Their personalities are polar opposites in my opinon. Mary says that even though Jody did all the things that she did, she doesn't hate her. Amanda takes this as if Mary is saying she LIKES Jody and that she is no no, Mary didn't say that Amanda. 

Mary decides to change the subject - she wants to be on common ground with Amanda - and mentions that Amanda's birthday is coming up and gives her a gift. Amanda finds this awkward ~ she then says that Mary looks at her expectantly although in my opinion this is just some odd editing. Amanda then feels obligated to invite Mary but Mary says she will give it some thought as Jody will be there and she doesn't want to create a scene. This is nice of Mary but Amanda is offended now that she didn't accept the invitation. What an awkward scene. Amanda's face looks just weird with that pinched facial expression and I feel bad for Mary as she is trying to make nice and people are just being bitches about it.


Robin meets with the Thunderbird event organizer expecting her to tell her to her face that she didn't get the part to sing the US National Anthem. The woman tells her that she never said "no". Robin seems taken aback and I think a little put off with Mary as how you could mix up "other options" with "no". Hmm...
Anyways...Robin was asked to sing the anthem as a duet with another singer. She accepts and is excited to redeem herself. 


I'm going to call you out on anything and everything.

So Ronnie decides after all to go and meet up with Amanda for dinner. It doesn't start too good and I hoped that Ronnie would walk out but she didn't. 
Amanda says to Ronnie that she will call her out on anything and everything and Ronnie said there is a fine line between living honestly and being rude. It almost seems like the claws are going to come out until food comes and than Ronnie starts talking about her rehab story, snakes and how Amanda wants a snake tattoo. Blablabla. 
And then BAM!!! They have a connection and are friends again! 
Amanda invites Ronnie to her birthday party. 


Mary and Robin go to the Thunderbird to meet Cole - the person that Robin is to duet with. Robin just lets it out there and asks Mary if she didn't just mislead Robin with saying that Robin didn't get the part in singing the anthem. Mary said no...I mean, come on, if I heard someone say to me that they are looking for other options I would think that meant a no too. But who knows. 
Anyways...when they meet Cole, Mary did not see it coming. He is a boy. A child. And this duet is going to be very interesting. 


We are at Jody's condo where StyleandHome has flown in from Toronto to do a photoshoot with Jody. I must admit she looks pretty good here and I want her jacket...but the scene is just her picture being taken so it's rather blah. The photographers don't seem entirely impressed with her half the time either as she makes it seem like her photoshoot is no big deal and that she is doing THEM a favour. 


The audition again - and it starts out a little rocky with the singing but eventually the duet between Cole and Robin goes smoothly. She does end up getting the part. Thank gawd, or Mary, as she said, would have had to call 911. Robin is ecstatic. 
But the two of them singing together does seem awkward in general. 


Everyone is making their way over to Amanda's birthday dinner. 
Amanda in her own limo with her boyfriend and another couple. Mary, Ioulia and Robin in another. 
They are the first ones there. Mia and Jody come right after and enter the building. 
Everyone is mingling and poor Mary is on the sidelines feeling alienated. 

Jody starts in on Mary, talking about some articles about Mary to Robin. I don't agree with Robin standing there and listening to it but hey, what can ya do. But seriously, what is Jody's deal? What a bully! Digging things up that happened 30 years ago, what is even the point? 
Jody, Mia and Mary start lashing out at one another. Jody spins a low blow when she says that Mary is sleeping around with a 21 year old hockey player and that she is a "bit of a puck bunny". Mary says she has many things she could say about Jody but is too much of a lady, she does however say "nice nose job" to Mia...and Mia spits it right back at her. Making fun of her cheeks and everything else she can think of. Honestly, if you look at the Zilba family they all have high cheekbones, I believe it when Mary says that she didn't get her cheeks done. 
Honestly, Mia looks like a drag queen. Hahah. I think she really is jealous of Mary.


Mary is trying to leave the dinner, Amanda states she is a big girl and can deal with a bit of drama if it happens.

So Mary is trying to bow out of the dinner, she rather stick "forks in her eyes" then sit at the table, especially after the way Jody and Mia treated her before the party even started. Amanda and everyone else wants Mary to stay so she ends up staying...not before Ronnie confesses in her interview portion that she thinks that Mary likes playing the victim. 
What a friend she is. Ronnie seems to be a bit fake in this season like she herself doesn't know what side she is playing on. Talking shit about Jody and than Mary...I mean, what the heck is going on?

Anyways, so the dinner begins and everything seems to be going smoothly as Amanda opens up her gifts and what a surprise, Jody has gotten her a tiara. Mini army for sure. 
So everyone begins to dig in to dinner when Ronnie - the bitch, I can't believe she did this - brings up what happened before the dinner. She asks "Well Mary, what was it that happened before I came in here?" and Mary said she preferred not to bring it up...but Jody pipes in and says that she does. 

So what was it that happened before I came in here?

I'd rather not talk about it now.

Not to be a trouble-maker but I do want to talk about it.

That's when the show is done....this episode was interesting...and I am eager to see what happens in the next episode but it seems like all these lies are coming out about Mary and everyone is bullying her. I honestly can't see why grown-ass women need to argue at a dinner table when it is someone's birthday! If I were Amanda, I would be pissed! But of course that isn't the case because in the preview for the next episode it shows that Mary ended up leaving the dinner and Robin confirms that it was a "roast" on Mary but that she did it to herself. 
I am really not believing what I am hearing or seeing here with this show. It really is becoming sad and considering all the bullying that is going on I can't believe that Slice condones grown-ass women blatantly BULLYING one another. 
Oh well, it is still entertaining. :P


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