Friday, March 22, 2013


Holy hell am I feeling a little rough today. :/ 

Big Big BIG news!


You have no idea how FANTASTIC this feels! 
Or maybe you do, lol.
For whatever reason we thought we would get beat out by the other people that were looking at the gorgeous suite.
But then I got the phone call and BAM!!
We're it! 
We were on cloud 9 yesterday, that's for sure. 

Well, if we rewind a little bit, I was a massive thundercloud for most of the day, feeling sad, out of it, if I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. 
Asking questions such as...what if we don't get it, we will have to start over again, what if we don't find something we like, will I keep thinking about the apartment that slipped through our fingers. Things like that, amongst other things. 
Of course I was a tad annoyed when people said things like "it is what it is"...or "you'll just have to find something else"...
NO! I want this place! I want to start at my happy place! Lol. 
And this is it! I love the location, the building, it's so clean, it's fresh, it's amazeballs! 

So yea, I am still riding on that cloud. :P we start the tedious task of packing. Weeeee. Not. Lol.
I guess we will start tonight and do a bit as we go along. We have vacation coming up soon too so that "cuts" out some packing time, whatever, we'll be in California, baby! 
I keep thinking about new things to get for the apartment, even though we technically shouldn't be thinking about this...or rather, I shouldn't be. 
But I wanna paint and get a new nice faucet for the kitchen...I am so damn excited about the kitchen!! Get a nice new cutting board instead of using my tiny rinky-dink one, get new pots and pans. GAH! The possibilities are endless...alas, I can't get everything but there are a select few things I can get along the way. :) 
I think our first thing will be painting ~ or maybe not...with the move and all we might decide to just leave it as is. After all, it is clean looking and nice. :) 
I just keep thinking about Ikea trips. Hehehe. 

Oh gawd, we all sorta slept in this morning...I didn't wake up for most of the night but it wasn't a restful or deep sleep. Hopefully that happens tonight. We will pack a bit, relax...
I think I might make the manicotti...I think. Haha. 
Then we drop our cheque off tomorrow at the apartment and see it again and the whole weekend is banks and packing and whatnot. 
So that is what has been up with me. 

Just wanted to share that with ya. :) 

Eniko Mihalik by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton for Elle France, March 2013.




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