Friday, June 14, 2013


I think anyone sits there and wishes that they won a multi-million dollar lottery...and I know that every single person also says that they are more deserving of it because of this or that. Of course I think of this too...
There are so many things that I would do with a million or more dollars...I would first and foremost make sure that my family was set, same with really close friends {I only have a few, and you know who you are}. 
But one thing is for sure, when growing up I would always say a million different things about how I would use that millions of dollars but there was always one thing that has stuck throughout childhood, being a teenager and now an adult and that is my passion for animals. I KNOW I will donate a large sum of money to my local humane society but I also very much want to open up my own rescue and take care of all those animals that are abused, neglected or homeless and the ones that need help with surgery costs and rehabilitation. That, without a doubt, would be one of the big things I would want to do...if throughout the years though, regardless, I find myself with some extra pennies I will help the animals. I do it now...even though I have all these bills, I still set aside a $20 here or there and donate to the animals I see on Facebook that need help with their vet costs. 
It breaks my heart to see that some of them just don't get the care that they need. I really wish I could save all the animals in the world. 

With that being said, please check out little Oliver at this link --> and if you even have $5 to donate, then please do!!
I do not know Oliver personally or the people that are holding this fundraiser for him but his little face just stole my heart when I seen him and I really hope he reaches his goal so that he can have a normal puppy life...puppies want to run and play and Oliver needs this surgery to do that. 

Please please please donate or even share if you can. 



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