Thursday, June 20, 2013


I am not entirely sure why it doesn't seem like we are "settled" into our new apartment yet. I guess it is because there is still lots to do. We still have some very small things left at the house {we need to find storage for, a friend may help with this} and Travis is helping with renovating the basement at his Mom's. Everyone is just so busy and it's so scattered that it just doesn't feel 'established'. I hope that makes some sort of sense. It will be some time before it does though, as his Mom and Sister still have to move, so everyone is going to be really busy for the next month or so. 
On another note, his Sister did just have a baby; Nicole. She is so sweet and little and a cuddler from what I seen yesterday. 
Babies seem so peaceful...I know, I know. Until they start screaming their heads off. :P But Nicole seems to calm. She is very sweet. 

This weekend will be a busy one, once again with running errands, groceries, the Poochie Power Walk that is on Sunday for the SPCA and Cambridge Humane Society. 
I also am going to start my new healthy living challenge...I really shouldn't call it a 'challenge' as much as it has to really become a lifestyle change. I am studying holistic nutrition and half the time am not following what I am reading, or my own advice. If I start doing that, then maybe more people will take me seriously. 

I am also on the third book of Game of Thrones. Need to just get through them before moving on to the fourth one so that I am not lost. For example, Jojen and Meera Reed came into the second book, not halfway through the third like the show has led us to believe. Lot's more details though, but I love reading so this is obviously a treat for me. ;)

Anyways, that is enough rambling for me. 
Here is an editorial and be sure to check out the next post I have for "In The Kitchen...".

The gorgeous Doutzen Kroes for H&M Magazine by Terry Richardson.


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