Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Words escape me when I try to describe how much fun I had last night at the Sting concert and the memories I have taken back with me. It was SO MUCH FUN. 
Honestly...I really cannot put it into words! It was just Travis and I that went, after our great friend Bee's, got us a pair of tickets. We were a little far from the stage, we couldn't really see his face but the music is what mattered and seriously, Sting knows how to sing. It sounded exactly like a CD. He really is an incredible vocalist. I hope the couple that sat next to us remember the night...they were poundin' back beers pretty crazily. That and Travis got an eyeful of booty for most of the night as the girl next to him was dancing. Haha. 
The concert was pretty full and he sang pretty much every popular song...there were a few that I wish he had sung but either way...you can't have it all! I would definitely see him again. :) I have wanted to see him for years now and I can cross him off my list. The other ones would be Bryan Adams {for sure!!}, The Corrs and Depeche Mode. I am not sure when these people are touring though. Either way...Sting was amaaaazing!! It was definitely a fun night that we won't forget! :))
Thank you Bee's!!

Well, I woke up this morning thinking that it was Friday...you can imagine my disappointment when I realized that it was only Tuesday...
This week will be a busy one with work and studying...I am going to buckle down. We got a complaint from one of our 'neighbors' in our new place that we are being 'too loud'. We are barely at home, so not sure what their problem is. I guess it's just old people being old and bored. Who know's. :/ 
This weekend is a busy one as well as I am going to do the annual Poochie Power Walk for the SPCA and Cambridge Humane Society. I am sure Lou'e is very excited to meet a whole bunch of new doggies! And it is all for a good cause. I wasn't able to do much fundraising for it but there is still time too. I am excited and am hoping the weather holds out. :)) Although it does say that it's supposed to rain. We shall see. 
Anyways! Enough rambling for the day! 

Ilse De Boer by Tom Allen for Harper's Bazaar UK June 2013.


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