Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I was trying to hold off on posting this editorial so that it would be the last thing you guys see {since I will be posting more edits and recipes up today} but I couldn't help it. This just goes to show that Baldovino is one of the most illustrious and outstanding photographers out there today. This editorial is absolutely beyond staggering. It's all joking aside ~ breath-taking. After posting I usually delete the images off my hard-drive but photo's like this I feel like I have to keep because they are so commanding and frighteningly splendid. It's even worth printing one of these pics off on photo-quality paper and framing it. It's THAT good!
Anyways - here we have the stunning and etheral Miao Bin Si shot by Barani for HatWoman Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign.
Let me know if you guys find this as gorgeous as I do.





{Source: Noir Facade}


  1. great great great!

  2. lovely inspirations! lovely blog;)
    hey could you say me how I could improve mine? that would be soo nice of you!