Thursday, April 21, 2011


I am sitting here crapping my pants - hoping that UPS delivers my tablet today.
And just for fun - and since the long weekend is just around the corner, I decided to change my font colour. Although by the time I post this, I am unsure if I will leave it that way.
I reeeeeeeaaaaallllyyyyy want my tablet so I can begin doodling! I am way too excited about this and I hope that I am not getting my hopes up. Lol.
I am also uber excited to spend the entire weekend with my MacBook. :D Woohoo!
I have a busy afternoon and evening ahead of me.
I gotta get some groceries and stock up on vino since everything is closed tomorrow for Good Friday and then I gotta get my workout in before my boyfriend gets off work {can't work out in front of him, sweating like a pig}.
Then I gotta do some laundry as well as tidy up so that I don't have to clean or do anything not tablet or MacBook related over the long weekend.
Hopefully I actually do this. ANNNNDDD I gotta figure out freakin' dinner. Ugh. And tomorrow's dinner too! I don't even want to go to the grocery store. I am sick of going there all the time. Wish I had more time.
One day I would loooove to work from home. Well, I know that is what I strive to do one day.
Anyways, enough ramblingssss...
Here is another recipe. It features Mr. Tuna - because we can't eat meat tomorrow or on Saturday {or rather, I can't - I am Roman Catholic and this is part of my tradition during Easter}. So therefore, the recipes are mostly seafood-oriented.
This recipe is also super simple and super quick.
So here we go!
Bon Appetit!
PS. I changed the font back to black. Haha.

Tuna and Pesto Sandwich
Canned tuna and prepared pesto along with radicchio and cucumber make up this Mediterranean-stype picnic sandwich made on an English muffin.
Yield: Makes 1.

1 can {5 ounces} solid white tuna packed in water, drained and broken into chunks
Basic Basil Pesto
Radicchio or lettuce leaves
1 large English muffin
Cucumber, sliced
Fresh lemon juice

1. Mix tuna with prepared pesto. Place a few radicchio leaves onto bottom half of English muffin. Top with tuna mixture, cucumber, and a squeeze of lemon. Sandwich with muffin top.

It seriously doesn't get any simpler then that.
I think this is the shortest recipe I've posted. Haha.


{Source: Martha Stewart Website - Everyday Food}

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