Monday, April 04, 2011


Okay; first of all, I can't contain my excitement. I decided to start my own Tumblr! Woohoo! If you guys are interested in checking it out it's called Sugar Jar {so follow this link:}. :D I am excited to start posting like a maniac. Since I love all things beautiful and inspirational and not only do blogs inspire me to post but it's just so easy to reblog photo's from tumblr. Anyways, don't you guys worry, I will still post on here on a regular basis. This tumblr will also give me the chance to share my weight loss story since I am trying to lose 30+lbs by the Summer...or at least by the Fall, and I am going to do this the healthiest possible way. So that I don't gain everything back all over again. I am at my highest weight that I have ever been in my life and I just don't feel that good about myself. So anyways, if you guys are interested then check out my tumblr...mind you, I just started so there isn't much on there at the moment. :)

On another note, it is a dreary rainy day. And it's Monday. What a combo.
If I could, I would have taken today off to just relax and stay in bed all day while it rained and thundered out. Yes, I am not joking.
Yesterday we got a bunch of snow and then around midnight it started to thunderstorm. This Canadian weather is been it's weirdest yet.
Alas, I had to drag my butt to work because I have been sick on and off the past month and I can't afford to not be there.
So yea!
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! It went by soooo fast. But we are already in the month of April and Spring is just around the corner {supposed to get +16C here in Ontario}. But I am very excited for the Summer. :)


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