Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have developed this strange obsession with the Kardashian sisters the last little while and I am not sure how to describe as to why. I love watching their show and just love how down to earth they are. It's nice to see women out there in the media who embrace their curves, their faults, their strengths, just everything that makes us human. 
My favorite Kardashian is Kourtney. I just love her. She is hilarious, smart, witty, gorgeous and a little bit catty which she makes us adore. 
I also love her style. I seriously am going to adopt her style once I get down to my Summer shape. Her clothes are to die for. 
Comfortable yet preppy but definitely adding that touch of glam. So this segment of :style:queen: we have the beautiful Kourtney Kardashian.



{Source: kourtney-k.com}


  1. Def the best dressed Kardashian! I love her clothes, but I love Khloe's personality the best!

  2. I <3 them too :) Have you seen how beautiful Kendall is getting and shes super tall too!

  3. They are definitely all quite stunning. I adore watching the Kardashians on tv...and yes! Kendall and Kylie are sooo tall! Compared to the older sisters {other then Khloe}. It's craziness. I wonder how tall Bruce and Kris are.
    Thanks for commenting lovely ladies! :)