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For whatever reason, at first when I saw Eniko Mihalik on the fashion scene, I didn't like her. That was until I saw a video of her gorging herself on honey and she looked every bit the cherbic vixen that she is. 
She was adorable to watch and very soft-spoken and super sweet and that is when I instantly began to follow her editorials and on the runway. 
Eniko is a Hungarian model who was born in Bekescsaba, Hungary and was made fun of when growing up for being so thin; children at school teased her for her thin physique claiming that it was caused by sickness. 
She was then discovered in a shopping mall by an agent and soon after placed first in 2002 when she entered the Hungarian Elite Model Look.
Her career and fame then began when she began walking on the runway, she first debuted at the Chanel haute couture show in July of 2006 and got her big break in 2009 where she then walked for more then several other famous designers. 
She has worked for several ad campaigns and her face can be seen in countless magazines such as Vogue Japan, Vogue Italia, i-D, V, Self Service, Numero, etc. 
Eniko even walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2009 and ranks no.9 on Top 50-Women List. 
She was also chosen to be in the 2010 Pirelli calendar that was shot by Terry Richardson. 
Some information on her personal life that was taken from Wikipedia is that "Mihalik has made friends with such other models as Iekeliene Stange. She loves board games, cartoons, and Hungarian food, sushi, and bagels. She sleeps with a teddy bear named Bubu and wears slipper socks. When Mihalik is not modeling, her typical day involves shopping in the morning and partying in New York's 1 Oak at night.
Eniko was born on May 11, 1987, stands tall at 5ft 10.5inches with dark blonde hair and green eyes. And guess what people she is NOT a size zero! I repeat!! NOT A SIZE ZERO! Mihalik is a lovely size 4 (US). 

I love seeing Eniko on the runway and most of her editorials I am a big fan of. Miss Mihalik does like to take her clothes off though but I definitely prefer to see her show off those curves in clothes where other women can see what they look like on someone that is not rail-thin. 
I think that her career can only go but up and I look forward to seeing more gorgeous editorials featuring her. 

Now an interview with Eniko Mihalik taken from The Fashion Spot from poster; Bulgakova. 

This week's model: Eniko Mihalik

The Hungarian model Eniko Mihalik (seen here in W's April 2009 issue) is known for her amazing cheekbones, large doe eyes and all-around sex appeal (she's among the topless beauties in the new Pirelli calendar shot by Terry Richardson). But the 21-year-old who was discovered six years ago in a mall by a casting agent in her hometown of Bekescsaba—and has since become a regular in the pages of W, French Vogue and V—hasn't given up her more innocent amusements. As we learned, she's got a beloved teddy bear and a thing for Nickelodeon.

Your first show ever was Chanel couture—what was that like? 
It was the most exciting moment of my career. I watched fashion TV so I remember seeing all these big models and thinking, like, "I can't believe Natasha Poly is standing behind me in line!"

What was it like first meeting Karl Lagerfeld?I was scared of him! I think a lot of people are scared of him, actually. 

Now you work with him regularly, how has your relationship changed? I don't think I've ever really spoken to him—I'm still scared of him! I'm so shy. But every time I get confirmed there, it's still a big thing. If they ever said to me, "Eniko, we want you to do our show, but you can't do any other shows," I would be like, "Ok!"

We've heard your most prized possession is a teddy bear—
Yeah, Bubu! I got it from one of my ex-boyfriends and I started taking him with me everywhere. If I sleep without him I just wake up in the middle of the night and my hand is searching for him. He's really dirty now, but I just love my little guy. 

We've also heard you love cartoons; which do you watch the most?I just moved to a new place, so I don't have my cable hooked up, so all I watch is Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. I like South Park and Family Guy, but Spongebob is absolutely my favorite. I'm also a big fan of Hannah Montana. 

Do you like Miley Cyrus?Not Miley, just Hannah Montana. 

You're known for working in more avant-garde publications; is there any magazine that you are dying to be shot for?American Vogue would be amazing. I know I'm not that type of commercial girl and unfortunately, I don't have the million-dollar smile, but I think Anna Wintour should try me out.

Tell us about the steamy Terry Richardson Pirelli calendar that recently came out?It sounds a bit bad, but we kind of were running around naked the whole time. We were all pretty much free to do whatever we want, and Terry took pictures. 

Is it true that you're interested in starting your own restaurant back home?Yes! I love food, and I figure there is no American type of a restaurant like a pastry shop or a bakery where you can buy a bagel or get a salad in Hungary. I think it would be great because come on, everyone loves to grab a bagel here, so why wouldn't they love it over there?

What are your favorite foods?Hungarian food is my favorite. I love Italian food and sushi, but I still think goulash is tastiest thing.

By Priya Rao
January 26, 2010

Editorial below:
Eniko Mihalik by James Macari for Velvet September 2008.




{Sources: Stated throughout post - images from RU-Glamour}


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