Monday, June 13, 2011


Another weekend, come and gone.
But I do have a lovely California vacation to look forward to that is fastly approaching - in September! I will take a TUN of pictures and post as I laze about in sunny Cali. ;) 
Today is a friend's birthday - and much to my dismay {NOT} we are to go out for drinks and wings after work. This isn't going to be so good considering I am on my "hardcore diet". 
Yea, that's right, I had a slimfast bar for breakfast with tea and I plan on having soup with a piece of bread for lunch...I know...not a lot, BUT, I can't shake this weight off! No matter what I do! So I am going to go hardcore this week - a detox of sorts, if you will...and see how that goes...minus the wing binging of tonight. Lol.
Yesterday was spent sitting outside, freezing my butt off, reading my Shaolin Workout book while the bf spent 8 {glorious} hours, waxing the car in three steps. 
Not my idea of an exciting Sunday but then again it made him happy so that is all that matters.
I didn't spend too much time getting ready this morning thus I look like I literally rolled out of bed and put my boyfriends dress shirt on {even though I bought this shirt for myself in the mens section, you know...}. Not a stitch of makeup on, but it's nice to not fuss over yourself too much in the mornings. That and I have developed some sort of strange allergy and my eyes are so dry and I just need to leave them alone and give 'em a rest.
Amazon is supposed to be making two trips to the house today to drop off some books that I ordered. One being the Dean brothers cookbook that I mentioned in a previous post so I will let you all know what that book is like. :)
Enough of my rambling...I could ramble on forever and I might do it again later on...I need to make this blog a little bit more personal from time to time...
Off I go to try and read my companion book to "The Four Agreements" since I seriously don't get it...even though it's pretty straight forward.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Monday morning so far! 
And Happy Birthday to my friend Yinny {John}. ;)

Snejana Onopka by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Paris June 2011


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